Juicefuls : The Kids Review Goo Candy

Kids, kids, kids. They’re good for a few laughs, at least!

According to the Juicefuls website, they seem to be only available at Walmart. So…I guess I’m never buying them! Note to Juicefuls: there’s this thing called the “internet” where you can “purchase goods” really easily. Check it out.

2 thoughts on “Juicefuls : The Kids Review Goo Candy

  1. My favorite part is the entirely inappropriate comment by Jonny Guru to a response from one of the kids. “That’s what she said…” Wowzers. Also, love a 7-year old who finds “hints of red wine” in the candy. Good times.

  2. I couldn’t decide if my favorite part was, “I give them 10 ratings” or the bit about “don’t worry they’re not healthy” so I’ll have to go with monetizing the entire video with youtube ads. Cute kids make money = genius. 

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