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Eat your soda!

Matty reviewed one flavor of Jones Soda Carbonated Candy years ago– Fufu Berry, which ironically turns out to be my least favorite of the bunch.  Over the years though, I’ve really developed a love for these things, and thus, I gotta tell you guys about them.


Not bad looking, are they?  The original concept of these candies was….kind of weird, I have to say.  Jones Soda obviously is and was known for their sodas.  And these candies, according to them, were to be dropped into those sodas to enhance the flavor.


I love soda, and I love candy, but combining them makes little sense to me.  And honestly, I don’t really know what made me want to try these as just good ‘ol regular candy, but I did.  And man…I’m glad I did.  I absolutely LOVE these.  Each container holds a lot, and in theory, is supposed to last quite a while.  My style is to eat a whole container in one sitting, but hey, “THAT’S JUST ME”.  The good news is that they’re really not too caloric, and are completely naturally flavored.  Let’s dive into the line now…


Berry Lemonade.  Very nice tart level, very lemony taste, with a hint of raspberry or I suppose blue raspberry, assuming those exist.  The theme for all of these candies is riding the perfect line-and I mean perfect-between sweet and sour.  The consistency on these pills is semi soft-they crumble easily, unlike some of the others.


The Fufu Berry.  Certainly not bad at all, just not super special.  These are a bit hard to pinpoint as far as the actual flavor goes….berry?  Red?  But they’re good, with just a bit of tart.  Consistency is hard.  Dense.


Speaking of hard & dense, how bout them apples?  Green Apples, to be specific.  These too are dense, and don’t crumble quite as easily as the Berry Lemonade.  The flavor though, is delightful.  Crispy, tart, sweet green apple.  Everything you’d expect and hope for from this an apple flavored candy, with a nice big tart finish.


Want something a bit different?  Cherry Cola then, for you.  These are super addictive.  They have a medium density, and are absolutely bursting with full flavored cola goodness.  The cherry on top….is literally the cherry flavor, which goes so well with cola.  These don’t have a lot of tart to them, but there’s a smidge.  Regardless, these are certainly one of my faves.


Crushed Melon.  Oh man.  These used to be on the bottom of my list, but now they’re at the top.  Such an accurate melon flavor, it’s uncanny.  Very sweet, with an underlying tart explosion.  The consistency on these is soft, so you don’t feel like you’re cracking teeth on a vitamin c pill.  I could see eating these on top of vanilla ice cream.


And for the finale, I present M.F. Grape.  Which of course, must stand for “Muthu Fuckin’ Grape”.  I have no proof of this, but until I’m corrected, that’s what it stands for.  As far as the candy goes, these are outstanding.  If you like any form of grape candy, then you’ll love these.  With a soft consistency, these literally explode-they literally burst into flames in your mouth- with grapeness like it’s no one’s business.  Such a deep flavor, surrounded by fizzy tart notes.  I adore these, but then again…I adore all of these.



If you can’t tell by now, these are WAY up there on my list.  And why not?  Natural, cool packaging, intense flavors, and they don’t go bad.  If I had to pick three (which I don’t), I’d say M.F. Grape, Crushed Melon, and Berry Lemonade.  Or….Cherry Cola, Gren Apple, M.F. Grape.  Or…screw it  This aint “Sophie’s Choice”.  So I suggest-strongly-that you pick up a few tins and check them out.


Yes, if you buy online you have to buy a pack of 8, but so what?  You can’t eat 8 tins?


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