Jelly Belly Sour Gummi Santas

mythical sour cherry Santas are finally put to the test!

Reviewed by Jonny

February 13, 2020


I get it, my timing is off. But literally, I’ve heard rave reviews of these things for over 3 years, but had never seen them in the wild. I finally did, so here we are: this is how life works.

I live in the Bay Area, and we have a ton of horrible candy shops evenly dispersed near all the tourist attractions. But we also have a gem or two, most notably The Candy Store SF, which is my personal favorite. Check our their Instagram feed, they do great work there. But my point is, they’ve been showing these things off every winter, and they sell out super fast. Apparently people are nuts for them.

The first thing to get out of the way is that these are in fact, not gummies. They’re jellies. You can bite right through them, and they offer little resistance.

I mean…I guess they look like Santas?

it’s more like a Russian stacking doll. But whatever, let’s just call them Santas.

These are sour cherry flavored, and have that same essence that sour cherry Jelly Belly’s have. These are good. To me, they’re not super special, aside from the fact that they’re a jelly. There’s not a lot of jelly candies easily accessible, especially sour flavors. So I’ll grant them that.

These are a tasty, middle of the road jelly. Would I dig seeing a bag in my stocking this year? Sure. Would I drive to the Candy Store SF in the rain, paying toll, dealing with nightmare parking for these? Yes. Because I’d make an excuse to stock up on all their excellent licorice and Scandinavian candies too, so it’d be a win win for me.

Check the links to snag some today, let us know what you think of them.

Zolli Candy


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