Jelly Belly Gummies Sours

SO much going against these. Yet...I can't look away...

Reviewed by Jonny

September 19, 2021



Here. There. Everywhere. It’s been a summer, and with the site overhaul…things have been slow to get going around here, but we’re back. And today, we have something tasty for ya.

you can see I’ve almost eaten them all and am trying to hide that fact

I saw these on Reddit a while back, but hadn’t stumbled upon them in the wild till last week. Generally, we love the Jelly Belly line: their flavors are the thing. But these, while having good flavor, are more about the consistency and eating experience.

They look like Jelly Belly sized gummies, but they’re not. AND…they’re also not gummies.

As you can blurrily see, these are way bigger than Jelly Bellies. Probably by 3-4 times. And like I said, these aren’t gummies. They’re vegan, which is the give away that they’re fruit jellies, as gummies generally include pig collagen or something equally gross.

Here’s the weirdest thing: the flavors don’t really harken Jelly Belly flavors to me. I’m not saying they’re different, but I am saying they don’t make me think Jelly Belly when I’m eating them. Regardless, these are great.

They’re kind of hard to start, but once you bite, it completely gives, creating a soft yet sorta crunchy jelly experience. The flavors are pretty standard: cherry, lemon, orange, apple, berry. For me, having iconic Jelly Belly flavors like juicy pear and grapefruit would have been nice, but everything can’t be catered to me.

In theory, these things have a lot going against them: they’re not gummies, they’re not really that sour at all, and they don’t taste like Jelly Belly bean flavors. So why do I love them?

Because on their own, without any comparisons or expectations, these little shits are delicious and different. I highly recommend grabbing a bag, they’re stupid cheap on Amazon

Zolli Candy


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