Jahnke Lakritz Gefullt (with salt)

How salty is too salty? These. These are that.

Reviewed by Jonny

July 27, 2018

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Hey that’s a mouthful.  I’ll make it easy for you: licorice hard candies with salt.  Lots of salt.

If you’ve ever tried Tyrkisk Peber, then you’ve more or less tried these. It’s a licorice hard candy – that part is delicious. It also holds what seems like four tablespoons of salt. A lot of salt. Too much salt.

Keep in mind, this is coming from a lover of salty licorice. Yet, these are even saltier than the Tyrkish Peber, and man….that’s just too salty for me.  It takes a really tasty flavor pairing and just pushes it-aggressively-off a cliff.

I wanted to embrace these.  At first I thought I would. But it’s just too extreme-for me. I’m sure there are scores of folks who adore these, and more power to them.

Hey, wanna see what the insides look like? Apologies in advance.

It’s very hard to pinpoint where the salt lives, because it’s definitely loose inside, yet I couldn’t distinctly see it.  I thought that grey brown powder was it, but it isn’t.

So that means I’ll never know! Because I’m not gonna spend much more time with these things.  They’re only for the super intense salty licorice fans, and even for them, I’d recommend sticking with the tried and true classic, Tyrkish Peber.

For the truly brave, Amazon believe it or not does in fact sell these, so feel free to buy if you’re on the fringe of society.

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  1. Susie

    You know what that slogan “Nix für Lütte, nur für Kerls” translates to, don’t you?

    “Not for pussies, just for alpha males”

    Enough said.

    • Jonny


      Well I guess I know where I stand!


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