It’s Phantasia! With Genitalia!

It's a magical, phantastic, phantasiatic adventure!

Reviewed by Jonny

September 23, 2009


Bringin’ some more German Haribo love your way, today we’re taking a look at “Phantasia”:


Haribo has this “thing” about making random mixes of their gummies and then packaging them together. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme OR reason in the decision making, but I’ll tell ya…I think they know what they’re doing. Their mixes usually rock bells, and this one is no excpetion. Check out what you get inside:


In the bag, you get at least a few of each of these shapes. A few of them have that foamy white bottom coat, which definitely provides a nice creamy flavor to offset the tang of the gummy.

But if I’m you, I’m thinking….so what? So there’s a bunch of lame shaped gummies in a bag, big deal.

To you, sir, I’d say “I feel ya”. But hold on. You need a little frame of reference.

Have you ever “found” a gummy candy in the crease of your couch, or in the car, or on the floor (yes, I eat candy off the floor all the time, it’s wonderful), or anywhere, and realize that it’s old as hell? I’m talking months and months, just aerating under your couch, chillin’. Once you popped it in your mouth, cause I know you did, remember its consistency? Seriously hard and chewy, to the point where eating one piece took forever? sucking, gnawing, chewing,… the thing just wouldn’t die quickly. Remember that experience?

That’s what Haribo gummies are like fresh out of the bag, more or less. And this bag of Phantasia is like a gummy connoisseur’s dream–every piece is somewhat distinct, a great chew, and most importantly, yummy.

The giant coke bottles are auce, the foamy gators rock, and the pacifiers are remarkably…well, satisfying. These gummies are big, people, and they rule.

The only disturbing piece is the foamy penis shaped thing (on the far right, with white coating).

Note to Haribo: Not so into eating dick! Just an FYI!

Aside from this oversight (they do it crazy-style in Germany!), Haribo Phantasia is an instant classic. I can tell y ou right now, if my partner Matty Guru had a way to buy these regularly, he’d be in debt. They’re right up his alley for that classic, Haribo taste and feel. And I love them too, I just wish I could get them in the states!

If anyone finds these anywhere NEAR California, please drop us a line.




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  1. Anonymous

    They have them at Cost Plus World Market.

    • Marina A Tomazinis

      I got the pacifier in white in a Starmix pack, I had to look it up to figure out what it was and where it came from, I thought I got the golden ticket lol

  2. A.L. Smithey

    Greetings, Gurus!

    I came across a package of Haribo Phantasia gummies in Kamloops, British Columbia this afternoon. They are sold at Gary’s European Sausage & Deli, located at 10-750 Fortune Drive. I also was rather taken aback by the phallic nature of those gummy racecars. Come on up to Canada for your Phantasia fix!


  3. Cassandra Ingrid

    I love gummy bears. For these kinds of food, It was so hard to choose what to spend your pocket money on. One time while I was shopping, the lovely lady behind the counter never approached me, I think that she knew that the choosing process was one of the joys of buying traditional sweets. I used to stand there looking in awe at all of the options – deciding what would go into my paper bag. And then, just as I was about to commit, a different old-fashioned sweet would catch my eye and I’d change my mind again. It’s great being a child in a retro sweetshop – but it makes deciding so very difficult.

  4. Denise

    Okay, I had to see this when I saw the penis candy picture on Facebook. (Penises and spandex can’t be a really good combo. Actually I was scared for you guys). I thought the red thing with a ring looked like a penis pacifier. But it’s A CAR? WTF? What kind of cars do people in Germany drive? I think we need a close up shot.

  5. Jonny Guru

    Sabrina, that’s hilarious! I had no idea they were cars! And seriously-we’ll ALWAYS take people up on Haribo offers, as it’s hard for us to get our hands on some of the best stuff. Drop me a line at when you can, and thanks for reading!


  6. Sabrina

    The only disturbing piece is the foamy penis shaped thing (on the far right, with white coating). – This is actually a car. Maybe too hard to recognize for somebody from the US. Love your reviews of Haribo software. Phantasia is my favorite as well. Let me know in case you need more Haribo to test.

  7. greebs

    Love, love this post. I’m just wondering, though – “break out the spandex” — is that a reference to how much weight you’ll gain if you eat them, or a play on the word Phantasia? Cause, if so, I think you are talking about Xanadu, not Fantasia.

    I shall now retreat to my nerd corner.


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