Ice Breakers Chewy Sours – Which Way Is This One Gonna Go?

Oh, snap! Check these out, yo...

Reviewed by Jonny


April 3, 2009


The first thing that we gotta clear up is that these are NOT Ice Breakers Sours. Those things are little pill shaped super-sour sugar free candies, and they’re pretty freakin’ great. These however, are not them, and they’re not sugar-free. Of course, I might have made the name more distinct if I were Hersheys, but what the hell do I know?

I’m gonna dive in to the negative first. The packaging. Take a look above, and at the picture below.

I have a serious beef with the way they decided to package these. I also have a serious beef with the saying “I have a serious beef with…” I’ve never fully understood how one can “have a beef” and why exactly said beef is bad. Regardless though, this packaging needs work.

First problem-it’s just too big. It’s probably about 20% larger than it needs to be, meaning the candy inside could fit into something slightly smaller. This bugs me for a few reasons. Sure, the environment aint being helped by this, but on a more shallow selfish level, it just annoys me. I like packaging to be as small as possible-if you want to stuff some in a bag, your pocket, etc.

This package is a bit awkwardly large.

……….That’s what she said!


Second packaging problem, and this is a big one. Notice on the second picture how the lid opens? The problem is that once you open the lid, it has a ridge inside, about 1/8″ thick. JUST wide enough to prevent your fingers from having enough room to reach inside and pull out some yum. You can grab one, but when you pull it out, it gets stuck on the ridge. REALLY stupid design, virtually unusable.

But that’s where the negative ends. The reality here is that Ice Breakers Chewy Sours are one of the best new candies I’ve tried in years. Years, fools!

Here’s the deal: as you can see, the candies look like pebbles with flecks of color. One flavor is Raspberry Lemonade Bang!, and the other is Strawberry Blast! While the flavors are outstanding, it’s all about consistency with these. Think of Good & Plenty-the slightly hard, chewy underrated licorice delight that we here at the Gurus love. These candies have almost that same consistency, but slightly harder. It makes them feel like a really chewy, slightly hard jelly bean with outstanding, clean flavor. The thing that these and Good & Plenty have in common that almost no other candies do is, for lack of some better words, the spongy-hard-solid-chewy mouthfeel. It’s (obviously) a bit hard to convey exactly what I’m talking about, but it’s a damn fine chew.

At first I bought the Raspberry Lemonade, as any candy has me at the word “lemon”, and they did not disappoint. Then, I felt I should just try the Strawberry-a flavor I usually am disappointed with. This time? I liked the strawberry even more than the Rasp Lem. The flavor is so true, and the sour level is so perfectly balanced with the chew factor….it’s a match made in heaven.

I’ve haven’t seen these in too many stores, so I’m really hoping that more flavors will become available soon. If you see them, you owe it to ME, if not to yourself, to give them a try. Once again: these are the best new candy I’ve tried in a year. No small feat, as I try a shitload of different kinds of candy.

Bottom Line : Great flavor, amazing consistency, lame packaging

Would I Buy These Again: I already have twice, and am looking to find more. I’d like to inject them if possible.




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  1. matty

    FYI I was looking for these online again. I miss these. A LOT. And no – they aren’t online. I think they went the way of the dodo bird. And I think that way is out like gout. So sad. If you find these, tell us please. PLEASE. I need to know.

  2. Matty

    I ate these this week for the 1st time and immediately put them on my top 10 list. Meaning, I will always buy these when I see them. A stand-by. They are great. Like Good n Plenty texture with a good sour hit and fruit flave. Yummsville.

  3. bowhuntercindy

    I am obsessed with them also. They only sell them at CVS Pharmacy around here and they never stock enough. We need to pool our resources and see if they would sell these online.

  4. Jonny G

    I’ve only found them at Rite-Aid stores, and I haven’t found ONE place to buy them online, which is really weird. I’m sure they’ll start popping up more, as they’re the real deal.

  5. MattyR

    Good Q. Jonny?
    I’m betting Walgreen’s

  6. highfemme

    I am OBSESSED with Ice Breakers Chewy Sours. I used to have a pack a day habit. However, they seem to have eliminated them at all of the stores where I live (New York City)! Where oh where did you find yours?

  7. Swervie

    Wowee Zowee.
    Going to the store tomorrow to find.

  8. greebs

    Mmmm…injectable candy.

    These sound auce, I’ll be looking out for them.


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