Hopjes Koffie Coffee Candies

They're coffee flavored. What do you want from me?

Reviewed by Jonny

July 3, 2020

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Ever had a coffee flavored hard candy? They taste like coffee.

I mean….that’s kinda the beginning and the end of this review. Like coffee? Like hard candies? Over the age of 76? You’ll probably enjoy these.

The wrapping IS kinda badass though. Little wings on each piece.

This candy falls into the category of “good” for me. The thing is, I have so much candy going through my world, “good” isn’t really good enough for me to latch onto-I need to prioritize, or this ass is never getting any smaller. At the same time, if I was out to eat, and these came with the check, I’d probably really enjoy them.

Folks, it’s a conundrum.

Coming straight outta the Netherlands, there’s a lot of people who hold a lot of love for these. And why not? Me though? I need a bit more excitement in my life.

Again though, if you’re about to watch any iteration of CSI, or are wondering why Hawaii 5-0 was cancelled after TEN YEARS WHO THE HELL KNEW THIS SHOW EVEN EXISTED, then these probably should be poured into that empty dish on your living room table. Click the link below to get right.

Zolli Candy


  1. Old Jude

    I now know I am an abject failure at being over 76. There is no and never has been a candy dish in the living room! (Or any other room.) Do I need therapy? Retraining?

  2. Roberttheg

    I object to the obvious discrimination posted by the writer of this review. Everybody loves coffee and hard candy and you don’t have to be over 76 to enjoy them. Love the wrapper!

    • Jonny

      You are absolutely right. And for that…the bag is going to you next time I see you!! 🙂


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