Holy F*ing Sh*t Unreal Coconut IS Unreal

My quest for the ultimate Mounds clone might be over.
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We just reviewed an interesting line of low sugar candies, and now here we are doing it again. But honestly…that’s not why I’m writing this review. I’m writing this review because I friggin’ love Mounds. And coconut in general.

Are you a coconut person? Odds are like 50-50. I most certainly am. But I veer towards the real stuff. As a kid, occasionally Mom would get me a coconut and I’d carve out the meat with a spoon and love life. Happen to be in Mexico? Get some fresh coconut with chili and lime on it. And of course, the original, the gateway coconut, Mounds. Adored it. Still do.

But a lot of other coconut fare hasn’t worked for me. When it gets too sugary and sweet-and definitely when it gets perfume-y, I’m out. Like coconut macaroons. Nope. Or most things flavored coconut, especially those stank M&Ms. The point is: like so many things, for coconut, real = the only way to go.

So I had one of these the other day, and lost my shit.

At first, it was simply because of the taste. This thing is beyond real tasting. A thin yet nice layer of dark chocolate, and then an inside of slightly moist-and I mean just a bit moist-barely. Mostly, it’s real, grainy, chewy coconut, but it holds together. And the taste? It knocked me out. Beautiful coconut flavor, and the chocolate really added to it too. Something about this bar was special. And after looking at the packaging, it all makes sense.

First, there’s three ingredients in this bar. Have you ever heard of such a thing? No, you haven’t. Because it doesn’t happen. I’ve never seen anything like it. And those three ingredients? Organic coconut, dark chocolate, and organic cassava syrup. By the way cassava is a fructose free natural sweetener.

So three ingredients. Very awesome. Also though….this bar is considered “low sugar”, as there’s only 3g of sugar in it. Granted, it’s a small bar, but for me, it’s a solid 4 bites.

Let’s recap: this Mounds copy tastes better than Mounds. Way better. the quality is clearly there. It also has nothing artificial in it. Oh also, it’s only 3g of sugar. They win.

This is a gem of a candy. If you’re a coconut person, seek these out. Yes, there’s lots of Mounds clones out there and there’s lots of pressed & other kinds of coconut candies too. These stand out to me for various reasons. They’re not cheap, nor should they be for what you get.

Click that link, people. This one gets the rare 5 stars from the Gurus.

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  1. Kristin

    Just tried these tonight… forgot my recent Costco purchase was hanging out in my pantry the last couple of weeks. and my reaction was the same as yours. These are, indeed, UNREAL. Way better than mounds, which previously I would have thought was a bold statement!

  2. Roberttheg

    OK, you got me. I’m putting in my order right now. Love the images. Made me hungry!

    • Jonny

      you’ll love them. And “good” for you!!!!


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