Hi-Chew Grape / Apple / Mango Chews

I've warmed up to these since I wrote this. My son LOVES them.

Reviewed by Jonny


August 2, 2008

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I always like to check the candy section of random stores, gas stations, etc, so I’m always on the lookout for new exotic and odd candies. I’ve seen these Hi-Chews in Asian markets, but nowhere else, until recently I saw them at a 7-11 of all places. Anyhow, apparently they come in many flavors, but the only 3 I’ve tried are apple, mango, and grape.
Let’s start with the weird: these things are marketed as “caramel chews”. Huh? No caramel in here, kids, so don’t expect it. They’re pretty typical soft chewy candies, except with an odd futuristic clear/white look, wrapping a colored center. Now on to the flavors:
Grape-I like these, but then again, I like almost anything grape flavored. Mild, slightly complex, this grape candy actually tastes like grapes, which is rare in the candy world.
Mango- uhhh…not so much. I mean, I GUESS they taste like mango, but the flavor’s not original or that tasty. This pack is now in the hands of my son Hank who loves them. But then again he loves everything in the candy world, so I’m not sure it’s a glowing review.
Apple- whoah. Stop. Not good at all. Weird, not tart, not apple-y. Yuck
So what have we learned? Well, I’m not trying to start an international controversy, but I think at this point I can safely say that Asia isn’t in strong contention to become the candy capital of the world any time soon. Best food in the world in my opinion, but as far as treats? Forget it. As for these Hi-Chews, I’d say you might want to pick up a pack of grape, but really, they’re not so special that you should make a big effort. Too many other great candies to choose from.

Bottom Line:

Nothing to see here, folks….move along…..



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