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Ya know who got these for me? MY MOMMY DAMN IT! So nothing else aside from a full line review will do, because…she’s my mom! And she’s cute. So let’s get started.

Hey Yum! package of vegan candy
Their “normal” jellies.

Check out the shine on these Hey Yum! Organic vegan candy things:

Hey yum! candy
Eww. Sweaty.

Those are full on “sweaties.” They look wet because they kinda of are. And they are SO soft – beyond just a “soft jelly” zone. It’s almost like a super firm cube of strawberry jam that instantly breaks down. The flavor on them though is quite nice and fresh. Different tasting…but hard to get past the sweat zone.

Hey Yum! package of sour fruit gums
Alright alright!
Jelly Flowers

Now the organic sour fruit gums are a little more in my wheelhouse. The firmness of a more typical jelly, these have a bright, nice sour flavor. Colors and flavors coming from nature, I’m digging on these.

Hey Yum! Organic fruit mallows package
Why do I think tomato when I look at this.

You guys know how I don’t like marshmallow candy. Too…lame, too spongy, too….many other better candies out there to try. But hold up. These are…kinda impressing me. A wee bit firmer than I was expecting, I actually enjoyed the consistency, shockingly. There’s something almost hybrid marshmallow/gummy about these, even though I’m SURE technically there’s not. Bottom line though: pretty damn good!

I was sure the Hey Yum” set had to be from the U.S., after all, good ‘ol Ma picked ’em up at a local candy store. But nope. These are full on imports, and might be a bit tricky to acquire. Here’s a link to buy on their website. And the ad below is for a variety on Amazon.

I’d say….worth tracking down if you appreciate naturally colored and flavored candy, but if they’re too expensive, I think you can safely pass as they’re not breaking and new territory.

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