Haters Gonna Hate : Airheads Xtremes Lemonade Rush

You can't find colors like this in nature.

Reviewed by Jonny

December 9, 2011

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A few weeks ago someone from Airheads Xtremes emailed me and suggested that they send us some samples, “as the photo on the top of your web site is an Airhead Extreme, after all”, they said.


Actually, it’s not, but I’m never one to turn down free candy.  The thing is though, they never sent anything.  So I cried.  And then I wrote a song about it.  Then, after a few days on the couch watching “Mystic Pizza” and various other shitty movies, I picked myself up and went out and bought a pack.

I’m a sucker for any candy that’s lemonade flavored, so I figured what the hell, right?  These look crazy:

Which is to say, bilious and delightful. If you’ve ever had any sort of sour belt, then you know what these are going to taste like, more or less.  I thought they’d be a mid range sour belt, no big deal.  The thing is, …I loved these.  Despite my love for natural ingredients and real, true flavors…I have to admit that I loved every minute of this artificially colored and flavored delight.


It’s not super different from any other sour belt, but the lemonade flavor was solid.  I thought I was gonna save a few for Jr. (as…to be honest, …it was HIM who picked these out, not me!) but that didn’t happen.  I had one, the tart sweet lemon flavor was just too appealing to ignore.  Then another, and then…I’m trying to find a local store to buy more from.


One oddity that I have to point out: Normal Airheads are this weird, slick, sheeny, taffy like thing.  Yet these are nothing like that- thin, grainy, soft, porous.  What gives?  Why even call these Airheads?  It’s confusing.  Seriously, I never bought these before because my love affair with normal Airheads is over.  The trans fat was fun, but now I’m over it.  I certainly would have given these a chance had they a unique name.  But I’m sure this only bothers me.


The takeaway here is simple – Airheads Extremes are solid.  Totally unnatural, bizarre looking and feeling, but damn it if they aren’t tasty.

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