Haribo Watermelon

It's almost summer time. Let's get melon-y.

Reviewed by Jonny

May 22, 2020

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Yes friends. Yes. It’s a good day. We have another addition to the stable of widely available Haribo in America, and this time, it’s Watermelon slices.

I’ve had this kind of candy a few times in the past, mostly from Spanish confectioners. They were chewy, tart, and super watermelon-y. Couldn’t really find them out and about though, save for in bulk at a very small amount of high end candy stores.

But now they’re around, even at the dollar store, which is where we got them. They’re relatively large in size, but not overly big.

  • Visually, they look exactly like the ones I’ve had before. However, they’re not the same candy-not exactly. These are soft. Like, fresh n’ soft. Downey soft. Which, as you know if you’re keeping score, usually isn’t my jam. But I think these do a nice job with the flavor, and the soft chew actually grew on me.

Whereas the Spanish ones I’ve had leaned a bit more towards tart, these fall towards sweet. Mrs. Guru & Jonny Jr. both deemed these “meh”. But folks, I don’t think they’re being fair. The wifey doesn’t like watermelon candy, so…that’s that. And the boy…well he’s gangly these days. He’s a 15 year old Willie Aames having hair from Blue Lagoon looking Minecraft playing teen. What the hell does he know?

Disturbingly, a lot. About candy, his tastes are pretty spot on, which is good as he’s heir to the throne. At first he liked them, then he soured, I’m not really sure why. So I’m alone on a hill with these, but I’ll stand by my claim-they’re good.

The watermelon flavor is rich, the eating experience is solid. I like them. I think any self respecting Haribo fan has to at least try them, and the great news with these is that you can find them anywhere, IF you were to be leaving your house. So check out our link below, the price is almost the same as the dollar store. And you can continue just sitting there.

And then tell me: am I right, or is the wife?

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  1. Matty

    I’m sure you are right.
    It’s probably best if we keep this one between us.


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