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What ARE these!!??!?!
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Everyone loves Haribo, especially us: they’re the reason we started Candygurus.com. The quality of their gummies is the gold standard, their flavors are the best, and their imagination and idea of what candies should be is just plain fun.

If we have a knock on them (and we do, we mention it a lot), it’s that a lot of their new offerings are simply Gold Bears in different shapes. Same great flavors, but this time….dragons! I’m over simplifying it, but the point is that there’s not a lot to criticize with Haribo. And today, I’m reviewing one of their most unique candies I’ve tried.

I’m not really sure how to describe these, but before I try: what do you think they taste like, just looking at the bag? My guess was at first a blackcurrant chew. Then I read the ingredients a bit (translated from German of course) and changed my mind to maybe a berry-licorice chew?

Not even close. These things, if I left Mrs. Guru to describe them are “edible perfume”. But now let me try.

First, they’re hard. You can chew them, but it’s unlike any candy texture I’ve had before. At first it feels like a chewy spree, but then you realize it’s not “giving” like a chewy spree, it sort of just compacts. Then you have a kind of hard/kind of chewy chew for the duration.

The flavor isn’t licorice. It’s not blackcurrant. I tasted lavender, but let’s see what the public says. (looking up other reviews now…)

Um, ok. It’s a chewy “violet” flavored candy with a soft (no) licorice center. Is “violet” a flavor? I didn’t get that memo. Also I’m not sure what licorice center they’re referring to. It’s either too small to actually be noticed or perhaps mine were stale? I doubt it. I think it’s just a smidge of licorice, and that shit aint soft.

But…don’t let that make you think I didn’t like them. I was just confused. Jonny Guru Jr. immediately was into them, Mrs. Guru spit hers out. She’s a bit of a wildling when it comes to accepting “weird” candy tastes.

I…was intrigued. I really liked what they were intending to do, I just wish it wasn’t flavored like violets, cause I don’t like floral scents converted to flavors. If these were blackcurrant or any fruit flavor, I think I’d have a new favorite simply for the texture experience.

But as is, …the bag didn’t get too much play from me. The kid’s taken them over, I had about 6. Neither of us think we’d buy these, but…they’re certainly unique. If you like floral tastes, then this might be your new favorite.

Haribo…you certainly didn’t disappoint, keep the weirdness coming!

If and when I find a link, it’ll be here.

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  1. Matty

    Now these sound interesting. I do need to try. Find a link please.


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