Haribo Tutti Candi

Haribo does jelly candy right, so these HAVE to be amazing

Reviewed by Jonny

August 13, 2019

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I spotted this bag early on in my vacation in France. I picked it up, then put it down, thinking “I’m sure I’ll see this all over the place, I can lighten my load and get it later”.

The next, after a bit of early onset FOMO, I came to my senses, went back to the glorious Monoprix, and bought two bags.  Turns out I didn’t see them again, so I’m really glad I bit the bullet. From inside the bag, they looked to be everything I loved about Haribo Peaches & Fruit Salad.

Except with one twist: the bananas, oddly, are foamy marshmallow.  I so would have loved to see a jelly banana, but…perhaps next time. These are truly gorgeous.

From top left to right, we get peach, blackberry, banana, blackcurrant, pineapple, raspberry and apple.  That’s a pretty spectacular flavor assortment, am I right? Here’s the good and bad news: while the flavors are all very good, they don’t quite explode as much as I expected them to.

The peach you already know, and the pineapple has a very similar tang to it-it’s really nice. The blackberry and raspberry are both a bit subtler. But like I said, the flavors are very good, just perhaps not as huge. I like the foamy banana on some level, but honestly I can take it or leave them. The apple is a traditional apple flavor, and the blackcurrant, like some of the other flavors, is subtle. Make sure you’re not eating sour candy when you try these or your buds might be overwhelmed. Take it from me, I think that was my mistake with this bag in general.

The thing is though, I love jelly candies and I especially love how Haribo does them. So these are very welcome in my world. I don’t know if they’re ever going to make their way over to America, as they seem like an outlier variety that might not be super popular. But I hope they do. In the meantime, I have that one other big lying in wait. And we have one French Amazon seller that has a pretty damn good deal for a tub of them.

Think I’ll be buying one?  THINK AGAIN! Or…, if you were going to answer yes, then don’t think again, you got it right.

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