Haribo Sour Vampires, German version, package

Haribo Sour Vampires

Literally, these were made for us. Not LITERALLY, but like...we like them a lot I dunno

Reviewed by Jonny

February 16, 2024

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I’m pretty sure I remember when the first hybrid gummy/licorice candy came out, about a decade ago, from Katjes? Or Haribo? Or another big company like that? For people like us, we dig em, because we like licorice. For the other 80-85% of the population, they’re an easy and hard pass.

And so it went, Vegan versions or gummy versions, most were the same: fruit flavor on half, licorice on the other. Frankly, I got really bored of them and haven’t craved them in years. But then, these came to my door in a magical package from Germany.

Haribo Sour Vampires, German version, package

The difference here from past varieties: sourness — in addition to being gigantic. And something about that sourness with licorice just slaps, and HARD. The flavors are standard – apple, cherry and lemon. The most basic of basic. But it doesn’t matter, these are delicious.

Haribo sour vampire gummy candy in a dish

Now…in the states, we have a variety of Haribo called “Sour Vampire Bats”. You may have seen them.

While these are tasty, these are not the sour vampire bats from Deutschland. The U.S. Sour Vampire Bats aren’t licorice. And of course they’re not. They’re made for us dumb Yanks who say stupid shit like, “HEY I DON’T LIKE BLACK LICORICE BUT I LOVE THE RED STUFF.” And you and me? We look at them with pity. Because they don’t get it.


But you and me do get it. And we can, right here

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