Haribo Sour Strawbs Don’t Disappoint

The first of many direct-from-Germany candy reviews!

Reviewed by Jonny

December 4, 2009

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I have this new friend.  Her name is Susie, and she’s from Germany.  She’s a fan of our website, and sent me an email a few months back offering to send us some of the harder to find variations of Haribo and other German candies.

Piece of advice: if you want to become my friend, sending me candy is a REAL easy way to achieve that.


Weeks later, the packages started to trickle in, and I’m here to start the first of their many reviews.  Before I do though- a HUGE shout out to Susie.  Clearly, you’re a saint and I don’t deserve you!  OK, first up: Haribo Sour Strawbs.





The first thing I noticed about these guys is that they don’t have the appearance of most sour gummies.  Usually, sours have a layer of citric acid and sugar on the outside-which, in many cheaper, ghetto gummies, is the only place the sour power lives.  Not so with the ‘Bo.  These guys simply look like li’l strawberries.




Pop one in your mouth, and immediately, you’re hit with a strawberry taste.  Not overwhelming, but a nice, real strawberry taste.  Then the sour comes in.  This might be one of the best examples of how sour should taste: tangy, then a bit sour, then tangy, never getting to an overwhelming level.  The best part is that the sour element lasts for the entire chew-it doesn’t wear off after you suck on the damn thing for a minute.  Perfect.


I easily could have eaten this whole bag in less than a sitting.  Note the photo of the bag-doesn’t look chock full, does it?  I just couldn’t wait to devour them, and by the time I was ready to snap some photos, there wasn’t much left.  The really scary thing though, is that this is the first bag I opened of MANY.  Just the first.  And it’s already proving our theory here at the Gurus- There’s an international conspiracy to keep the truly great gummy candies away from us Yanks!  It’s true!!  In this shrunken world of world wide webiness, give me ONE reason why I shouldn’tbe able to click a link and buy a few bags of these.

Just one.


Didn’t think so.  Yet…I can’t.  I have found nowhere to purchase these except UK websites, most of which will not ship to the states.


I’m pissed, and yet I’m in love.  With my new Strawb friends.  Yet sad, as the chances of me ever eating them again are not great.

This is why we eat candy, people- cause life kinda sucks. Candy makes the pain go away, at least for a minute.

I’ll keep trying to find these, but in the meantime, drool away!





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  1. Krian

    These were THE BEST. Unfortunately, they were only avaible in Germany for a few months back in 2009 or so. I could get more and ordered them in bulk from the UK, but as far as I know, they’ve been discontinued there too a few years ago. My regular “supplier” didn’t have them in stock for like three years.

    In fact, on the german Haribo Facebook page, there was a tiny riot about them disappearing, which they tried to calm down by telling about the Twin Bears (Bärchen-Pärchen). Well, with those, at least the sour twin is kinda comparable.

    • Matty

      David – you Are a hero.

  2. Matty

    @Leslie – you got 3 bags and made them last a month? Impressive.

  3. Jonny

    Thanks Leslie…that sounds tasty. I’ll look for them…

  4. Leslie

    P.S. I recommend trying Haribo Funny-Mix if you can get it – also uncommon and I would pair it with Sour Strawbs. They’re vegetarian gummies. The texture’s really sticky and thick. It’ll get stuck in your teeth, but it’s got it’s own deliciousness to them. Cola, strawberry and unidentifiable star flavor…yum!

  5. Leslie

    I just moved back to the states after living abroad in England for a few years. I discovered Sour Strawbs last year and am currently going through withdrawal symptoms. It’s one of the things I crave when I’m not feeling well, too. I’m grateful to have friends from the UK that come through once in a while because I can beg them to hunt the buggers down. Though I am asking them to be a bit sluethy in finding them. Went on an internet search and found this – I’m so glad to see other people that love them just as much as I do. My last shipment courtesy of Comic Con visitors were 3 bags!!! Lasted all of a month…**sigh**

  6. Scotty

    Your wife got one – I’m speechless. That seriously hurts

  7. Susie

    Hey guys –
    don´t fight, please!
    I do have to say that I left a note inside my parcels to Jonny, asking him to share…
    Yummy greetings from Germany,

  8. Jonny

    Here’s the thing, “Scotty”-

    Once you write more than one review a year, you get perks.

    And-am I mistaken-or did I bring you goodies Sunday?

    And for God’s sake, man, don’t air your dirty laundry on our site! It makes us look….like…well, I guess we already look like idiots.

    And here’s the real reason- they were simply too good to share. My wife barely got one.

    Such is life!

  9. Scotty

    How the fuck this little bag managed to get opened, eaten and not offered to me is beyond reason. Whores won’t take you – Biatch. Hey Suzie – Jonny is obviously too selfish to deserve you. If you want you could start sending your German delights to Matty or myself. But Jonny does bring up a great point – why won’t you Germans sell us weird American folk some of your goods – we have mouths, we have money, we have feelings. Ok – I’m done.
    Susie – you rock
    Jonny – you suck

  10. Susie

    Haaaaaahaaaaaa! What have I done?!
    Jonny, thanks for my five minutes of fame on your blog. I presume it will be renamed to “Gurus of German Candy” soon?
    By the way – you DO have a German friend who might be able to supply you with even more chewy goodness..
    Enjoy all those gummies and keep us updated on what you think!

  11. Matty

    The fact you had these, ate these and didn’t share these means yr a whore. And not the kind of fun whore that somehow looks like Natalie Portman, costs 8 grand, and that even your mom might like. No. A really gross and mean one, like you’d see on the Wire or some HBO documentary and that actually makes you think, “remind me to never have sex again.”

  12. greebs

    Drooling over here. And I think Matty Guru named these – “Strawbs”? Seriously?

    Me want.


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