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Haribo Sour Kicks (It up a notch)

I might be SNEAKING these between meals......

Reviewed by Jonny

December 24, 2021

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Every now & then a new Haribo variety comes out that shakes things up. Sure, between the game-changers we get some candy worth reviewing, but a lot of Haribo just tends to be alterations of previous varieties — same candy, new shapes. But all truly new Haribo gummies? These need to be treated a bit differently.

Haribo Sour Kicks aren’t your run-o-the-mill Haribo. In the shapes of sneakers, these are plain ol’ cool. Calling them “sour kicks” is cooler. Having a pair of red converse on the cover? The coolest.

Haribo lists the flavors: orange, raspberry, lemon, strawberry, and white grape. Nothing particularly new for us, aside from white grape. But like all Haribo flavors, they’re solid.

What makes these gummies special though, is their sour power. WOW. They have lots of it. And like a few other small select Haribo varieties (see Twin Snakes, for example) , these are sour through and through: No Citric Acid coating. So chewing these, sucking on them, whatever you do (you be you) — it’s gonna be sour.

I also like how the pieces are JUST a bit bigger than I’d expect. Plus, it’s fun eating sneakers, what can I say.

For me, Haribo Sour Kicks are an instant classic, something I’d put in every gummy mix if possible (and if you aren’t making gummy mixes, you’re doing it wrong). I bought them in World Market, there are also smaller bags (3.4 oz.) in Dollar Stores. Check out the Amazon link above, or you can buy them from World Market online at a good price.

Look, I don’t care HOW you get these, just get ’em. They’re truly a 5 star candy.

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