Haribo Sour Crocodiles

Just when we thought Germany was sleeping, they offer us this...

Reviewed by Jonny

February 18, 2022

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It used to be that we’d discuss Haribo in terms of what shapes they were in, because most had the same overall consistency. Then came the sour-coated bad boys, then the vegan friendly “jellies,” then non-coated sour … we’ve come a long way is what I’m saying.

Now when we discuss vegan jellies, we have to get into the details. Some are firm and tough, but not these. These are soft yet chewy, slightly harkening a gummy but definitely feeling like something new. People….I present Haribo Sour Crocodiles or “Grune Krokodile” — from Germany.

Haribo vegan sauer grune krokodile candy package

The kinda weird thing is how they chose to flavor these. There’s three different kinds: apple-orange, apple-passionfruit, and apple-cherry. Man I wanted to see apple-apple just to know what living feels like.

But seriously, I couldn’t really tell so much that these all had an apple tinge. I knew there was passionfruit and orange. And I didn’t really identify the cherry.

Haribo vegan sauer grune krokodile candy pieces

Regardless, here’s my take on these: they’re eatable as hell.

They’re the kind of new Haribo that makes me quickly look at the bag, knowing the chances of me ever having them again are small, so I clutch said bag until inevitability takes over, and I resign myself to eating ALL of the rest of them, again in an attempt to “live.” To really LIVE, damn it. That’s how good these are.

More Haribo vegan sauer grune krokodile candy pieces

Sour, but not too sour at all — these do the basics as far as sour is concerned, and sometimes I want that. Tart, mouth watering, but not mouth puckering. Haribo: you did these right.

And for us, who knew? Another hidden gem that’s one of Haribo’s newest varieties: that’s a great sign of things to come. You can get them, thankfully from a few places. Check out this link from EconomyCandy, a legendary candy store I haven’t had the privilege of visiting yet: but I will. OH I WILL, and I will be LIVING when I do it.

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  1. Sammy

    yum! Always loved the brand. I made a cake for my little one with these all over it! There’s tutorials at http://www.thesugarart.com 🙂

  2. laurie P.

    I am ECSTATIC to read this and learn about the vegan crocs!! I became vegan almost two years ago and giving up my Haribo addiction has been the hardest part!! Thrilled to hear of another vegan Haribo option. There is one other, the name escapes me…but I stock up when I find it! Thanks, Candy Gurus.

    • Jonny

      Hi Laurie! There’s actually at least twenty vegan Haribo I’ve come across. Mostly of course from Germany but you can totally get most of them online. Search on young lady!!

  3. Greebs

    The Apple-Apple surprisingly tastes like kiwi fruit …


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