Haribo Rainbow Sour

I’m pretty sure these are the German version of Haribo Rainbow Fizz, which is available over here. And that’s a good thing. Because these things? They’re damn good.

I don’t know why I was expecting mediocrity, but I was. Instead, not only did I get a tough chewing sour gummy with creamy insides, I got it with interesting flavors. Or maybe it’s that these sour flavors do something beautiful when combined with the cream center. I don’t know. I’m not a food scientist. But I do know that these are a really excellent combination of consistency, flavor, and sour.

Another question I have is whether my bag had a lot of flattened smushed pieces, or if they all come that way. I like that: I feel like it makes the pieces even denser, although that could be complete hogwash. Again, I’d have to be knowledgable about science and other complicated things to truly crack the code.

I can tell you for sure that these are something a bit different, yet “familiar” enough that I suspect everyone will like them. And since we can actually get this here? Absolute no-brainer.

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