Haribo Primavera Apricot and Peach (in German) package

Haribo Primavera: Apricot & Peach

Sometimes, second impressions are more important

Reviewed by Jonny

October 24, 2022

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Have you ever had Haribo Primavera? They’re little odd shaped hard (ish) marshmallow-esque-but-not-quite strawberry puffs. They’re wholly original. I really enjoy them. They look like this: (and you can buy them here, from US Amazon.)

Haribo strawberry Primavera package



The German Haribo Primavera  Aprikose & Pfriesche (Apricot & Peach) are like those, just with new flavors.

Here’s the pic again:

Haribo Apricot and Peach Primavera, German version, package

Getting right to it, my first impression was that these were pretty good, but they just didn’t hit as hard as the strawberry version. They are also a bit confusing taste-wise, having apricot and peach together, as they’re so similar in flavor. Like, so similar you can’t tell them apart  similar.

As I said, that was my first impression. Then I forgot about the rest of the bag. Fast forward to Sunday night, my usual “put some candy in the ramekin and eat it all quickly like a disgusting pig” night. I like mixes of different candies, and these appeared amongst the rest. Holy shit were they WAY better a few days later.

A little harder, yes, which is good. But the real reason I liked them more is that they’re an excellent foil to my usual sour this and sour that gummies. The Haribo Primavera Apricot and Peach have a slight hint of tang, but they’re really just sweet, which oddly is unusual for my candy tastes.

The challenge for you is that these are hard to find, but if you move fast enough, you’ll see them at World Market  and a new Candy Store (to us, anyway) called Economy Candy. Otherwise, you can still easily get the original flavor here, which as I said before are excellent.

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  1. Jonny

    Yeah, I was gonna say bless my partner Matty, but I’ve known about Economy for some time. Definitely wanna visit it whenever I’m on that coast again….

  2. Sam Schapiro

    Economy Candy Rocks. You must stand in their store and look if you consider yourself a “candy person”

    • Matty

      Shots fired!


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