Haribo Pasta Flagga Fizz

We spoke, and Haribo listened. These basically are the Candy Gurus' version of a previous Haribo product. Sort of.

Reviewed by Jonny

July 5, 2016

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This particular review makes me VERY happy.  Why?  Because it’s a full circle fairy tale in real life.  let’s start with the back story.


Five years ago, I reviewed this variety of Haribo, but the non-fizzy type.  Plain ‘ol Pasta Flagga.  And while I really liked them, the one bone I had to pick was that they didn’t jump out enough, there wasn’t enough zing on them to really punctuate and bring their excellent blackcurrant flavor home.  Now, in 2016, Haribo has taken them to the HNL – that’s a hole nuthu level.


It’s almost-maybe-as if Herr Haribo at the old factory in Germany read our review, took a long hard look in the mirror, waxed & straightened his handlebar mustache, and copped to the fact that these candies needed improvement.  That, or it’s totally coincidental, but let’s go with option A for now.  Appearance-wise, they look the same.


Pretty stunning.  Little stunning German flags to wave in tiny little hands, in appreciation of the Germany soccer team.  Or futball.  WHATEVER.


I kinda can’t get enough of the look of these.  To expand on the taste, these are straight up blackcurrant sour Haribo.  If you like Fruity Pasta, you’ll love these assuming you’re down with blackcurrant.  That’s not a common candy flavor in the states, but almost everywhere else-especially Britain and Germany, it’s industry standard stuff.  I love the deep, woodsy and tart flavor of blackcurrants, and frankly, am not sure if I ever haven’t liked a blackcurrant candy.  It’s THAT good.


I highly recommend you give these a try-and you actually can, for now.  Click the link below, and don’t worry-the online store has free shipping for orders over $185.  So in the event you’re catering a candy-only party, you’re totally good.  Otherwise, you’re paying for shipping, but it looks like they have some neat stuff, so let’s just call it kismet.


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