Haribo Liquorice Favourites

Favorites? Favourites? Licorice? Liquorice?

Reviewed by Jonny

September 30, 2016

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Here’s a completely new one, at least to me:


Forget the cutesy euro spelling, they’re licorice favorites, so…of course we had to get them. I probably should have scrutinized the bag a little closer though, because I’m not exactly sure that Haribo and I see eye to eye on what’s considered a “fave”. Check ’em out:


If you have any experience  eating licorice at all-and I do-you’d instantly recognize this selection as being typical of what’s known as “allsorts”.  It’s a traditional assortment of licorice, but…not super traditional in flavors.  Let’s break it down, piece by piece:


Left to right:


black with brown center: licorice around chocolate fondant center

little cylinders: candy coating around licorice, with the coating being fruit flavored

brown with black center, yellow with black center: fruity chocolate-y licorice.


Feeling this trend?

front center, licorice tube with cream fondant center

then there’s the tiny random piece of plain licorice!

lastly, coconut fondant over licorice center, and orange fondant around licorice center


Soooooo…for me, the bottom line is that there just isn’t a ton of licorice love here.  Way too many other flavors, and while I surely understand how people could love these, they’re just not for me.  I prefer the intensity of licorice, salty licorice, boring old lassic twist licorice….I just love licorice.  This bag feels more like an old timey throwback that just doesn’t work anymore.


Take the one, sad little piece of plain licorice-even that isn’t supremely interesting.

For me, Haribo is top of the charts for gummies and chewy sour treats.  Really, they’re about as good as it gets.  But for licorice, I have to go more authentic.  While these might be a lot of folks’  favorites, the Candy Gurus sadly can’t be counted in that group.


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