Haribo Lemon Ginger Gummies

Lemony Gingery Delights from Germany

Reviewed by Jonny

March 4, 2011

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Usually I bitch about how so may of the great varieties of Haribo candy are unavailable in the US. Not this time. Today, I have the privilege of trying a brand NEW kind of Haribo that my favorite German reader Susie sent: Lemon Ginger Gummies.

Oh yeah, they’re unavailable in the US. But let’s not let that small fact bring us down-yet.

Ginger is great, but sometimes it’s heavy handed, or just plain done wrong. Honestly, I was skeptical- but I was also wrong. And guess what? Being wrong never tasted so good!

Let’s start with the consistency. Unlike most of my favorite Haribo, these guys are soft-ish, but still have a slight (very slight) toughness to them. Think of these as being similar to the white gummies in Haribo’s Fruit Salad. Somewhat spongy-not a tough chew. My brother’s favorite.

When you first bite in, the lemon hits, as well as a faint hint of ginger. The lemon is nice-slightly tart, especially if you let it linger in your mouth for a few. The genius of these is the ginger-once you’ve swallowed the gummy into your cake hole, a slow, warm wave of ginger envelops your mouth. It’s not oppressive, but it’s powerful, it’s gingery, and it’s spectacular.

Mrs. Guru tried a few of these, and then declared them “dangerous”. This is from a woman that could give a crap about gummies, friends. What I’m saying here is that these are something special.

These are so new, I couldn’t even find photos of them online, so there’s obviously nowhere to buy them currently. But this is our mission, fear not. One of these days Haribo will open the door with easier worldwide distribution, and when they do, the Candy Gurus will be the first to tell y’all about it.

Until then, if you’re in a ginger mood, I suggest you get some of the Chimes Ginger Chews we reviewed recently – not at all the same experience, but equally gingeriffic.




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  1. valerie

    cost plus world market now sells these

  2. matty

    Ben – you sound like a very smart man. Good on ya!
    Thanks for the link – we shall indeed check it out.

  3. Ben

    Hey Guys.. i found this review after trying the lemon and ginger haribo and they are incredible!!! serious sweet perfection… (sadly my girlfriend got them for me in Germany so all gone)

    I also thought you should know about an english company that make some wonderfully wonderful sweets. http://www.naturalconfectionery.co.uk/
    also Marks and spencers do some great things as well.. (fizzy fish are very similar to the lemon and ginger haribo – without the ginger) If I think of anything else I’ll let you know… not sure if you can order these things out there..

    I should point out that I have nothing to do with the business… just a candy lover like yourselves..

  4. Pavel Ushakov


  5. Jonny

    Definitely, it’s a nice authentic spicy flavor that lasts.

  6. luke

    aaauuughhh… i am jealous. i love ginger and the ‘bo. do these have a spicy kick?

  7. Jess


    Please help my blog! 😀

  8. Matty

    I feel like there’s an opportunity here. Get our Europe friends to send us candy for free and we sell it at a high premium. I assume that’s legal. :-O

  9. Cory

    Oh, yes, these are incredibly good; I agree with the “dangerous” assessment. When I go to Deutschland in May I will bring back as many bags as I can reasonably carry! Maybe World Market will come through with tehse eventually.

  10. cybele

    Well, if it helps, I’ll put up a rave review too. I regret that I only bought two bags when I was in Germany. I did write an email to GermanDeli.com while I was still in Germany begging them to start carrying them.

  11. Jonny

    Cybele, I WISH. Matty and I keep working on figuring out this Haribo import situation, and Matty’s even been speaking to the company, but as of now…we still have only this review to make us salivate.

  12. rodzilla

    I thought these must be apricot gummies before reading. The likeness to the white slices in the fruit mix sold me. I’m off to Europe.

  13. cybele

    Tell me you know of a source here in the states. These are amazing.

  14. greebs

    Yes, please.

  15. Josh

    You can only eat the “typical” (cherry, orange…etc.) flavors for so long before you get bored…these do not sound boring

  16. Susie

    @ Matty – Want me to send you over a bulkload? 🙂
    @ Jonny – Glad this one is a hit – I was sceptical before I sent you these as well!

  17. matty



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