Haribo Jelly Boobs Sharp Ginger

Reviewed by Jonny

August 15, 2012

Yeah.  That’s what these translate to using Google Translate.  It’s nice to know there’s so much functional technology on the web.


I’m pretty sure these have nothing to do with boobs, but let’s just keep pretending that they do.  This bag is fresh off the boat from Germany, and let me tell ya something: they’re FANTASTIC.  We’ve already reviewed lemon ginger sour gummies from Haribo, but these are definitely different.  First, they’re shaped like boob dog heads!

I don’t know who Mopse is, but I love him/her.  It’s hard to see the detail, but if you look close, the pieces do in fact resemble bulldog faces.  What sets these apart from the other Haribo ginger gummies is that these aren’t lemon flavored-but more importantly, Haribo decided to take ginger to the next level and feature a spicy, real ginger flavor, powered by sour boobs.  Or sour power.  Same thing, sort of.

When you first start chewing, for lack of a better comparison, you get the same intense spicy hit you get when drinking a real ginger ale.  And that powerful yet not annoying at all ginger flavor lasts for the duration.  The combination of sour with the ginger is just perfect-otherwise, it would still be good, but the sour takes it to a







The finish is neat too-you’re left a seriously spicy ginger blast, that’s JUST spicy enough, but trails off before it becomes overly intense.


Ginger is clearly a “hot” flavor, as well as being one of the oldest in existence.  I’m not sure why Mopse was chosen to represent this new, bold flavor combo, but I love it.  And I love what it says about the best company in the world, Haribo.  They literally make hundreds of varieties of candy, yet they’re still trying to think of new and more importantly, interesting flavors.  This one won’t be popular with everyone – they’re no Gold Bears.  But for people who like ginger, or people who like sour, and definitely for people who like both, these are serious clutch cargo.


The only place I can find to purchase these is the confounding “world of sweets” web page.  They’ll ship to the US, but…the site’s in German!  Again, have fun with Google Translate!


The other option is trolling Germany’s Ebay site, where these are relatively easy to find.  Good luck!



  1. jonnyguru

    wait- “mind your ‘of the gutter’ “? You have an of the gutter? I better check Google translate.

  2. TinaD

    Möpse = Pugs – like the pic on the bag. Duh, mind our of the gutter.
    Google translate ist not always correct.
    Lässt es euch von einer deutschsprachigen Frau sagen.

    • mattycandy

      Google translate is almost never correct – that’s the fun part. Also, and not sure I can speak for Jonny, but I can’t really get my mind out of the gutter. That’s the Gurus’ charm!

  3. Eve

    I think they’re meant to be gold medals…

  4. jonnyguru

    Bulldog, pug, poodle, beetle-semantics! 🙂

  5. lux

    That’s not a bulldog. It’s a pug!


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