Haribo Happy Cola (German Filled Variety)

This is Germany's "filled" variation on the classic Haribo treat "Happy Cola".

Reviewed by Jonny

April 30, 2014

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You know that thing, where a restaurant has tons of food waste, and a nearby farm is in danger of closing because it can’t feed its pigs?  They make a mutually beneficial agreement,  the synergy kicks in, and it’s a love connection?  No?

How about that thing where a crop of wheat gets infested by ladybugs, and it just so happens that a ladybug reality show is being filmed there that week?  Exactly.  Synergy.

That brings us to what we’re calling “Wordcount Wednesdays”.  Starting today, and continuing everyWednesday, we’ll have a short review of a candy we’ve tried over the years.  Yes, there’ll be glossy photos.  And yes, there’ll be witty prose, only a helluva lot less of it.  25 words or less, to be exact. We’ll still feature two normal reviews during the week, but we’re hoping this rounds out your hump day with some sweet brevity.

Sometimes there’s just not a lot to say about a candy, and we’re not about writing for writing’s sake: we’re about information.  Power.  Well, not power actually…at all.  But information and enabling.  That’s what we’re about.  And this multitude of photos on my computer that I don’t have a lot to say about?  Yeah…that guy gets it- synergy.  It’s happening.


And with that, let’s kick this thing off.


Haribo Happy Cola (German filled variety)




Germany’s version, this time with a foam back, and in theory some liquid in them.  Surprisingly good and chewy!  Bonus: they stale up wonderfully.






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  1. susie

    I saw some Haribo RED cola bottles yesterday (Soccer World Cup edition). Will try and get my hands on them soon.

  2. mattycandy

    I love the word count Wednesday theme. Smart. The preamble was WAY more than 25 words though,#jussayin.


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