Haribo Goliath : Gigantor Black Licorice From The Champs

This is what standard, basic licorice SHOULD taste like. Usually not so much. But in this case, yes!

Reviewed by Jonny

March 1, 2013

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Licorice is amazing.  You can have 20 different kinds, all claiming to be just plain ‘ol licorice, and they’ll all taste different.  I like to judge them prematurely yet not unfairly by their country of origin:

Australia: horrible.

USA: terrible.

Canada: disgusting.

Anywhere in Europe: yummy.

Oh, also?  “Pineapple licorice” isn’t licorice.  Just sayin’.

haribo-goliath-bag Suze sent me these, and I was of course excited.  Haribo does a lot of varieties with licorice in them, and even does black licorice wheels which I love.  But big fatty tree sticks of licorice?  Sign me up.



These are totally by the numbers: they tasted just like I wanted them to.  They were firm, chewy, full of classic licorice flavor, but with a mild molasses overtone and salt finish that brings the flavor to a whole….nuthu…level.  At a base level, this is what I wish standard no frills American licorice tasted like, but we just haven’t cracked the case yet.


Sure, we can invent stupid ass smartphone glasses so rich douches can look even douchier, but we can’t make licorice.  Priorities.


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  1. Elsie

    Those are good for people who haven’t tasted licorice before.

  2. Matty

    By the by, the glasses you so cavalierly make fun of will be on my head in just a few weeks, as I was selected to be special and get a pair early. When I am learning things about the world your puny brain couldn’t understand, I’ll be sure to send out a tesseract for you and perhaps you can time travel to where us evolving humans live.


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