Haribo Fruity Farm

Nothing much happening here on the farm...just a lot of eating each other.

Reviewed by Jonny

January 12, 2016

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Do the fine people at Haribo just churn away, day & night, coming up with new shapes for their gummies?  It feels like there’s millions of varieties, and they’re always coming out with more.  How many damn machines do they have?


Let’s see if the shapes REALLY look like John Deere tractors…


umm…not yet.


ok, things are shaping up.  From left to right, we have a sheep, scarecrow, pig, cat, tractor (!), and a hippo-looking cow.  Not bad!  I bet little kids would adore these shapes.  Maybe they’d even play with them.  10 year olds though?  They just shovel them into their mouth and continue watching “The Amazing World of Gumboil”.  You know who else loves these?  Mrs. Guru.  It’s very interesting, her.  She basically “only eats dark chocolate” when it comes to candy, or so she says.  But every time I get a new bag of Haribo from Germany, even if they’re not the most interesting variety, the Mrs. holds me back from bringing them to work like I usually do with “extra” candy*.  So into the fridge they go, and magically, albeit perhaps a week or two later, they’re all gone.

I’m on to you, Mrs. Guru.

As always, these are some of the standard flavors Haribo uses.  But that doesn’t take away from them being soft, delicious, and apparently good for those who only eat dark chocolate.

Life on the farm is good.





*extra candy can be defined as candy that is any where from “crap” all the way up to “good”.  Anything higher doesn’t qualify, and must be kept on hand for further testing.

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  1. Kristy Lowe

    What size packaging do these farm animal gummies come in? We are a feed mill and grain elevator. We always have treats available for the kiddos who come in. I am interested in getting some if they are smaller packages…like what they might get for halloween.

    • Matty

      Are you in Germany Kristy? Not sure you’ll find these in small packages stateside. Check on Amazon here though http://amzn.to/2kxQ1Cv


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