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These are another of the yogurt based sweets we’ve seen in recent years.  Not a gummy, but more of a marshmallow consistency, they come in 6 flavors. Let’s run through each one.   Berry – Yeah, sure I suppose it tastes like berries, but MAN does this taste like yogurt. It’s kind of uncanny how they got such a strong yogurt flavor going, but they did.  There’s a small amount of tang while chewing, not much resistance at all. All of this usually adds up to me not liking these kinds of candy, but so far, I’m not minding this one. Blueberry – Yep, it really tastes like a blueberry, again with that same strong yogurt presence. It’s aight. Apricot – Yeah, I can taste that it’s apricot flavor, but it’s relatively mild. Now that I’ve had 3 of things, I’m kinda done. They’re really not bad, I just don’t think they’re my thing. But let’s soldier on shall we? Peach Passion Fruit – Predictably, this is my favorite so far. It’s an equal balance between the two fruits, and not coincidentally, the yogurt flavor is way lower on this flavor. These are good. Strawberry – While it starts off tasting like Strawberry, it sort of devolves into something more generic berry along the way. Cherry – Total generic cherry flavor, which can be good or bad. Strong yogurt vibe on this one.   Know what, guys? Turns out I truly don’t like yogurt candies.  The thing is, I honestly can see why a lot of people might love these. They’re vegan, they’re (like all Haribo) virtually clear of major allergens (aside obviously from milk) and are certainly different-there’s not a lot of candies like these around. But for me….leave that yogurt shit at the breakfast table, am I right? I still don’t understand the appeal of putting it into candies, but I’ll throw it out to y’all:   Do you?  


Zolli Candy


  1. matty

    Yeah I like yogurt candies and the fact you gave these 2 stars is an abomination. I bet they are min 3.5. Who do I complain to about this?

    • Jonny

      I’ll save the rest of the bag for you and you can judge for yourself


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