Haribo…From Austria! Because It Exists

Did you KNOW that Austria produced Haribo? Did you know that said bears are clingy and potentially creepy?

Reviewed by Jonny

May 14, 2015

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There’s no debate as far as I’m concerned when it comes to Gummi Bears – there’s Haribo, the people that did it first & do it best, and then there’s everyone else.  Sure, one can age Albanese Bears for 4 months and then they they can step into the ring with the ‘bo, but honestly…there’s a king of the hill here and it’s Haribo.

We’ve reviewed so many different varieties of Haribo, and even a few different varieties of their bears (Gold Bears Fan Edition, Christmas Bears, Juicy Gold Bears, Sour Gold Bears, Good ‘ol OG Gold Bears).  And now we all get to check out a pack from Austria, which I didn’t even know had a Haribo manufacturing goodness plant.


Looks a little different, but then again…kinda exactly the same.  You can sort of make out the flavors, but in the event you can’t, check out the worst (literally) photo I’ve ever taken below!



The thing that really struck me about these bears was their look.


Um…did I……are they…..THEY’RE ALL THE SAME COLOR!


Purportedly, there’s 6 flavors as stated above.  But I could only find 4 colors-which just might be an indication of more natural coloring?  I don’t really dig it though, cause it’s super hard to tell them apart.  What’ worse..they kinda tasted similar to me as well.  Definitely not the distinct pop of Gold or Juicy Bears.  Also, look at them.  LOOK AT THEM!  It’s like they’re so damn needy, always reaching up for that hug that never comes.  Makes me wistful for simpler times.


Hey, I’m always glad to check out the distorted, wacky world of Haribo.  But I guess my bottom line here is that we can let the Austrians rock balls on their own Haribo, while we enjoy the stuff straight outta Germany & Turkey.
Damn needy bears.  As if I don’t have enough shit to do.

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  1. fie

    Angry candy reviews. Are you on youtube?

    • Jonny

      We are! Don’t post as much there, but we’re really a lot better looking there. Check it out.

  2. mattycandy

    this review is funny


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