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Hot off the shelves (in Germany), we got a bag of Haribo’s new offering, Creamy Ice. Because they’re supposed to taste like creamy ice cream. This the name. You guys still awake?  Great.


You gotta love the color scheme, it’s carnival as hell. But truth be told, I was worried just looking at these things, because they look just like foam/marshmallow candies, something I’ve yet to really enjoy.


Yep. That’s what they are, but dang if they don’t look cool. Here’s the trippiest thing though: when I opened the bag, the overwhelming smell wasn’t of ice cream, but of ice cream cone. Yes. That unmistakable scent, that nostalgic scent- I got it in spades. But when I asked others to smell it, not all of them concurred. So this might remain an unsolved mystery, along with why FIFA actually made a propaganda film about their own organization, why they spent $30 million on it, and why it only made $607 it’s opening weekend in America. But these questions are for another time.


Not a whole lot more to say about these. They’re foam/marshmallow candies that kinda taste like ice cream.  They definitely have a bit of cream to the taste, oddly though, they don’t have any cone taste, and…that’s it.  It’s like I’m in a smell/taste parallel universe.


These look a lot cooler than they taste. For me, they’re not something I’d ever buy, but they sure smell cool!

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  1. Amber

    I bought these in Georgia while on vacation and I haven’t been able to locate them until you posted this! It’s the first time I’ve seen them again! It’s been about 4 years now. I enjoyed them and continued to buy them while on vacation.


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