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Not everything is great.

Reviewed by Jonny

January 5, 2018

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I think we have a problem here.


Another year, another 10 varieties of Haribo.  And that’s good, don’t get me wrong.  But these…while seemingly a good idea, just don’t land. The concept here is that the pieces are parts of speech balloons from comics. What are comics, you ask?  They’re these things printed on paper “books” with superheroes and lots of campy dialog.  Even when the Batman TV show came out (in the 60’s? 70’s?), they put these “POW” and “BOOM” graphics on the screen during fights.  So it’s that.


Typically colorful.

For whatever reason, instead of making the pieces phrases, or even words, they’re PARTS of words.  So you’re supposed to combine 2 in order to make  phrase WHY IS THAT INTERESTING.  It’s not. I honestly tried to piece a few together simply to take a more interesting photo, but couldn’t.  And I’m “old” so i’m smarter, but what hope do the youth have?  None.  None hope.  Also, why would they give a shit about trying after 3 seconds?

Here’s their suggested pairings:


zzzz.  Sorry Haribo, but this one is a miss.  When you can’t interest my candy obsessed nerd culture loving 12 year old with these, you’ve officially failed.  Also, let’s talk about he flavors.  They’re typical Haribo, except the blue.  Now being honest, I didn’t mind it, but Jonny Guru Jr. HATED it.  Said it made the bag smell weird, and he spat it out. One final general note-I think the era of combining pieces of candy to make a new flavor should be mercifully ended.  It was kinda interesting when Jelly Belly first did it, and that remans the apex of interest for that movement. Just make the damn flavors yourselves.  Like this picture above, for instance.  Haribo DEFINITELY makes cola, strawberry and pear flavored gummies, and they taste way better and more real than these combos.


Here’s an idea: if you want a lemon cola flavor, Haribo….PUT THAT IN THE BAG.  You already make them, the world knows this.  As well as pear, strawberry….you get the idea.


Nice attempt-the bag is lovely.  But it’s a swing and a miss and POW and BARF and a WAAAAAH! from Haribo this time.




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