Haribo Cola Sour Spaghetti

The evolution of the sour straw, done by the masters

Reviewed by Jonny

June 30, 2017

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Really, how would you suppose these would taste?

Strong cola flavor, nice and sour, maybe a hint of lemon?  If so, you nailed it.  But first, let’s take a look at these next to a normal sized bag of candy, just for scale.

So we all understand that this is an odd shaped super tall bag of candy.  No complaints here.

Sour straws have been a “thing” stateside for about a decade if memory serves, maybe a bit more.   This brand has more or less cornered the market:

While there’s nothing “wrong” with these….they absolutely pale in comparison to Haribo’s version.  Sour Punch Straws are mildly sour, very generically flavored, but most importantly, they’re essentially soft.  Sure, they have a tiny bite to them, but generally they’re softish and don’t offer much chew resistance.  There’s also odd wheat-ish notes, probably a product of the byproduct of all the artificial ingredients. I’m not claiming Haribo doesn’t use some artificial ingredients, but their gummies sure as hell don’t taste like wheat.  Now, back to Haribo’s:

As good as they look, they taste better.  The most immediate thing about eating them is the cola flavor, it jumps out at you, and is reminiscent of Haribo’s cola bottle gummies-but even more pronounced.  Then you get just a slight hint of lemon that comes on at the same time as the sour wave.  It’s pretty sour at first, but what it really achieves nicely is to bloom the overall flavor.  So whereas the sourness hits you first as sour, it converts into a more complete and longer lasting cola flavor.

This is super high level stuff happening here.

Now, on to consistency.  Whereas the Sour Punch Straws are, at their core, soft, these are not.  Much like a tough Haribo gummy, these “spaghetti” straws have a serious bite.  It all works together wonderfully, because instead of breaking down immediately, the process of biting into them and chewing them really turns into a cola flavor celebration/explosion/Comicon® type thing.  One of the straws is a super satisfying mini sweet snack.  And the bag holds 1.7 Metric Shit Tons, so there’s quite a lot in there.

You’re probably thinking right about now that this is the part where Jonny says “it’s too bad you can’t get them over here…”

Fun Fact: you can. The Amazonians got ya covered, and despite non trivial shipping, the total cost isn’t horrible for such a perfect treat. I say treat yo self, I always do. Thus, the backlit that I can’t seem to shed.

Know what though? Worth it.


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  1. matty

    They sure look good to me. I should have bought some for myself WHEN I BOUGHT SOME FOR YOU I’M AN IDIOT


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