Haribo Childhood Banger Edition

These are apparently “childhood bangers” of German youth

Reviewed by Jonny

August 12, 2022

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Seriously, that is what these are called.

The idea here is a variety of Haribo Gold Bears in childhood nostalgic flavors. Those flavors are: cotton candy, cherry lolipop (how is this different than ”cherry”?), chewing gum, jello, orange cola, and “fizzy drinks.”

My takeaway: it’s a fun bag, but I sure as hell didn’t taste all of those flavors.

Their version of “chewing gum” really is Ramune flavor — the excellent “Tutti Frutti” flavor introduced mainly in Japanese soda. I couldn’t taste the orange soda either. Jello is also a weird one, as jello doesn’t have flavor. So like the example of the cherry lollipop, this one just played as green. Not even sure what fruit it was emulating.

So… there are some suspect flavors in here, clarity-wise. But they do all work together and are refreshingly different than our normal Gold Bears variety.

Do I prefer these?

Not really. The ramune/fizzy drink/chewing gum flavor was bomb though. I could use a special edition bag just of those (the blue ones).

But don’t worry (!), these are more or less not available for purchase for most of us. Just a fleeting glimpse into the hearts and minds of the hard working freaks at the Haribo factory.

I appreciate your verve, people.

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