Haribo Candy Canes

Holiday Haribo with a brand new flavor!

Reviewed by Jonny

December 3, 2020

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This is kinda cool-a holiday varietal of Haribo that actually hits US shelves in time for the holidays!

I heard about these from the awesome people on Reddit. If you haven’t joined the candy subreddit (/r/candy) yet, do it. It’s a great place to ask weird candy questions and share stuff from around the world.

A few people mentioned that they loved the flavors, but that the gummies were way too hard and chewy-which got me doubly excited. Let’s take a look.

they actually look like canes, unlike most Haribo shapes

There’s only three flavors: classic green apple, cherry, and then a brand new one: plum. This is why I bought these (plum are the clear ones. Who made that decision? It’s not a good one).

So the bottom line here is that these are “tough” gummies, if you think Haribo gummies are tough. These are no chewier than the Alphabet variety, or snakes, …or really any of their actual gummies. They’re nice, the chew is great, and for some reason, I didn’t dislike the cherry as much as I normally do. Maybe I’m warming up to the flavor after all these years.

But the issue at hand is the plum flavor. And…it’s good. Quite nice, some nice tinges of sweet plum with JUST a bit of tang to it. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish they were more intense. One could possibly not even know these are plum if they’re not paying attention. But…it’s still very cool to see a new flavor like this.

Having said that, if you want the best plum candy in the world, you need to try Jelly Belly’s Sugar Plums. They’re seasonal, so now’s the time to get them. You won’t be sorry-the flavor in them EXPLODES. I’ve never tried a plum flavored anything that does it for me more than them, so…there ya have it.

For the Haribo Candy Canes though, you can get a 2 pack from the link below, or you can find them at Target. Living in the time we’re living in now…I’d recommend Amazon. Let us know what you think!

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