Haribo Barchen-Parchen (Sweet & Sour)

Hairdo makes a lot of varieties, and some are just ok. These? These are one you want to track down STAT.

Reviewed by Jonny

August 31, 2015

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Here’s something new in a few ways- Haribo sour & sweet bear couples.



There’s three varieties here: sweet apple with sour orange, sweet blueberry with sour blackcurrant, and sweet cherry with sour lemon – three inspired combinations.  The bears have buddies!


The other twist on these, as you can see, is that the sour side doesn’t have the usual powder coating that covers most sour gummies.  I REALLY like this, because I feel like the few examples of this I’ve seen-including these-have a much more full & lasting sour taste than the aforementioned dusted ones.


Let me get this out of the way: these are excellent.  The flavor combinations are so on point, they really bring out the best of the two flavors.  Eating them together, or one half at a time, these just hit the spot.  Jr. couldn’t get enough of them, but it was Mrs. Jonny Guru who did the big damage to the bag-and I don’t blame her.  Sure, I resent her, but I don’t blame her-these are really, REALLY good.


This is what you all should be hoping for with regards to a new Haribo variety-something new, something delicious, and a bit unique.  These hit the mark on all counts-you gotta pick up a bag.  Which oddly, you can do, via Amazon.
Hairdo definitely got this one right, so don’t sleep on them.

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  1. Jocelyn

    This review has me seriously considering buying the German Deli giant tub of these. I need a bigger candy budget.


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