We may be sour, but we know our sweets.

Haribo Balla Stixx Fizz “Red”


These are tough to find one the states, but are all over the place in Europe.

You know the type of candy: a chewy tube with a somewhat different textured creamy filling. Or maybe you don’t.

I’ve had the non “Fizz” version before, and I definitely like the Fizz more. It’s not fizzy-it’s just a bit of tartness, added on the outside as you can see. These actually remind me of a stellar Scandinavian candy that very similar in look and taste to this.

I really enjoyed these, and my methodology was to cut them all up into little pieces, and mix them with other candies. They’re a tough chew, but there’s a nice dual consistency going on, with a bright….”red” flavor.

Let’s talk about that for a sec. Red? I think we’re dealing with strawberry or raspberry, but I can’t be sure. This one is really about consistency and zing, and it’s got ’em both in spades. If you see these, they’re a must buy.

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