Haribo Balla Stixx Fizz “Red”

Who knew? I expected to really not dig on these.

Reviewed by Jonny

June 27, 2020

Candy You Ate As A Kid

These are tough to find one the states, but are all over the place in Europe.

You know the type of candy: a chewy tube with a somewhat different textured creamy filling. Or maybe you don’t.

I’ve had the non “Fizz” version before, and I definitely like the Fizz more. It’s not fizzy-it’s just a bit of tartness, added on the outside as you can see. These actually remind me of a stellar Scandinavian candy that very similar in look and taste to this.

I really enjoyed these, and my methodology was to cut them all up into little pieces, and mix them with other candies. They’re a tough chew, but there’s a nice dual consistency going on, with a bright….”red” flavor.

Let’s talk about that for a sec. Red? I think we’re dealing with strawberry or raspberry, but I can’t be sure. This one is really about consistency and zing, and it’s got ’em both in spades. If you see these, they’re a must buy.

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  1. Jason

    Any idea where I could try and get the fizz ones in the states? Strawberry preferably, but would settle for any flavour at this point.. it’s for the woman I love, trying to get her back.

    • Jonny

      Jason, my man, I appreciate your valiant endeavor! Sadly, I don’t think the fizz ones are available anywhere online as far as I can tell.

      One route to take is to join /r/snackexchange (there might even be a /r/candyexchange) on reddit, and work out a trade with someone who ives in the UK.



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