Haribo Acid Burners

insanely good sour mix

Reviewed by Jonny

December 17, 2020

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I wondered why Haribo hadn’t made a sour mix. Now they have, and friends? …it’s perfect.

“Acid Burners” which I’m guessing is a cutesy way to say “sour mix” is just absolutely on point. Getting a mix right isn’t easy, and I’m not 100% sure why this one works so well, but it’s incredible.

There’s not a ton of different noteworthy pieces inside, but it’s the quality that counts.

The bag includes sour pacifiers, sour pommes (fries), the classic sour cola bottles, and sour cherries. Apparently Apple Rings are also included in the mix, but I didn’t get any in this bag. Shit happens.

The hero of the show? For me, it’s the stalwart classic sour cola bottles. These are incredibly fresh, zingy, and bursting with that kick ass Haribo cola flavor. But everything’s good, even the twin cherries, which I love to crap on.

For us Yanks, the “newest” pieces will be the pacifiers (my Canadian friend says they’re known as “sour keys” in the Great White North) and the sour fries. I’ve had them both before, but it sure is nice to see them again,. The fries have incredible citrus flavor, and the pacifiers…well I don’t know. They’re just tasty.

This is one of those bags that I couldn’t stop eating. And when you’ve sampled as many bags of haribo as I have, that’s saying something!

The kinda good news here is that they appear on Amazon sometimes. They’re out of stock right now, but I’ve included the link for that wonderful day when they’re back. If you see them available, you’re gonna want to grab a few.

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  1. Matty

    They look great and the package looks packed. Or is that just Photoshop?

    • Jonny

      maybe an illusion. Standard amount inside

      • Jill Elisabeth Johnssen

        I don’t see any link.

        • Jonny

          You’re not crazy there isn’t one. We can’t find them online currently.


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