Halva Finnish Licorice package

Halva Finnish Soft Licorice

Best licorice I've ever had? EVER? EV-ER?!

Reviewed by Jonny

October 27, 2023

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First off, this is false advertising. Cause you know me, I’m not super into soft licorice. If there’s no real chew….then what the hell are we doing here?

But there IS.

I would never describe these as “soft”, but I suppose there’s some validity to it: It’s not like a pastille, or a hard dense chew. The licorice tubes have some give, yes, but they’ll fight with you, and that actually translates in my mind as a near perfect licorice consistency.

Halve Finnish Soft Licorice in a hand

This is billed as “salty licorice”, and that, too is basically perfect. Just enough to give you the essence of a salty edge, not enough to make it over seasoned.

Fam: These are outstanding. Honestly…I’m trying to think of a licorice variety I’ve truly enjoyed more, and consistently. Nope. These are it. THESE. ARE. IT.

Normally this is where I blab on and on about some arcane quality of the candy, but I’m not doing that this time. I’ll just leave it at this: If you like licorice at ALL (and yeah I’m talking the black stuff cause as we know the red stuff, while delicious, ain’t licorice), just buy these. Let us know what you think.

Their non-salty variety is available on Amazon, but the ones you want are actually available for a great price here.

As always, immeasurable thanks to our favorite German sponsor who sent us these!

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  1. Matty

    I’m eating licorice right now. Not these.
    Better ones.
    How about that?


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