Gustaf’s Arctic Ice & Fruit Ice Licorice Chalk

Time for class, kids. On the menu? Chalk.

Reviewed by Jonny

February 20, 2015


Recently we reviewed Gerrit’s Pink Cadillacs, and since then, we received a few more items to review from the kind people there-they also distribute the complete line of Gustaf’s licorice. Of particular interest to me was the selection of licorice chalk. I’ve always liked this kind of candy in the past, but had never seen fruit flavored chalk before. First though, the classic, Arctic Ice.


These taste just like I expected: a more intense, more authentic kind of “Good & Plenty”.  The candy shell gives just enough bite to add some textural fun to the candy.  And the taste of the licorice itself is excellent-just a touch of Dutch saltiness, but not too much at all.  I could eat these all day, they never get old.


The fruit ice though…that was a new one for me.  No question that they nailed the look: it’s exactly like schoolhouse chalk, right?



I adore looking at this stuff. But what about eating it?  Turns out I like that too!  Generally I’m a bit skeptical when it comes to fruit & licorice combos. I usually enjoy them, but rarely love them. This falls in that same category- I like these. Not in love with them, but there’s something mystical about them that keeps me coming back.


Another mystical thing about them are the flavors: I can only discern a couple.  I’m positive green is apple.  Yellow, I believe, is lemon.  Pink is I have no idea, and I’m pretty sure purple is a lavender-ish perfume type thing.  Honestly though, by nature of what these candies are, it’s not so important what the fruit flavors are.  The licorice is still the star here, and by the end of the (again, crunchy & satisfying) chew, it’s that same delicious licorice flavor you’re left with.

The novelty of these, especially with the look, for some reason resonates me.  Probably goes back to that childhood fascination with candy colors I seem to be stuck with, but I also can’t deny that there’s something super satisfying about the crunchy, deep complex licorice thing going on.  Both of these candies are a must try for licorice lovers.


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  1. greebs

    Know what’s funny? Kids today don’t understand the idea of “schoolhouse chalk” because they use markers and laptops and OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO OLD


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