Guest Review : Annie’s Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks

Dudes who buy bunny snacks...just sayin'....very masculine.

Reviewed by Jonny

February 4, 2011


Ladies & Germs, I’m happy to present to you the latest of our Guru Guest Reviews® – this time, we have the vocal stylings of our faithful reader Josh C. Sit back, relax, and see what this grown man thinks about kiddie lunch food snacks.

It IS a bit disturbing if you dissect it, isn’t it?

The Manliest of Candy Reviews, Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks?

America has begun the preparations for a day where it is perfectly acceptable to gorge ourselves on the saltiest, sweetest, most artery clogging, yet delicious foods known to man. If it looks like it’ll contain even the slightest trace elements of riboflavin…it’s not on the menu.

Normally, The Candy Gurus would take this grand opportunity to review candy that is appropriate for the occasion… y’know, something you dump in a bowl and shovel in your face with reckless abandon while you watch the Packers trample the Steelers.(Editor’s Note: No.  This is NOT what will happen.  The Steelers will eeke it out.)

Annie’s Homegrown Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks – HELL YES! …wait…what?

Yeah that’s right; they’re shaped like cute little running bunny rabbits…they are organic and they have 100% of your daily recommended amount of Vitamin C. This is a guest review and the gurus didn’t specify what to review exactly, don’t blame them.

Annie’s Homegrown (  is a company in Napa, California. They aren’t a huge corporation, they are a niche company that makes organic stuff ranging from bunny mac & cheese to bunny crackers…catching on to the theme? All of their products feature straight-from-nature ingredients and aren’t filled with the typical preservatives or fake flavoring.

Let’s start with the name, it’s long…I know. It’s ridiculously long, quite a mouthful some would say, which is ironic since this entire box is barely a mouthful. Inside, you get 5 packets, each packet is .8 ounces which is like 13 – 15 bunnies. At $4.69 a box at Whole Foods, that comes to $18.76 per pound…I guess that’s one way to curb the rampant epidemic of morbid obesity in the country…make the sweet stuff unaffordable.

Now listen, I’m telling you, these things don’t completely suck…hear me out.

Yeah you may have to re-finance your house to fill a bowl, but these things taste pretty good. Texture wise, they are not a gummy, I appreciate the fact that they are called fruit snacks and didn’t get all cocky, touting themselves as gummy bunnies or I’d be pissed. Snacks need to know their role.

Picture a Haribo gummy bear on lots of Xanex, while getting a Shiatsu. They are sort of squishy but also kinda firm, better yet… if Jell-O and a Haribo Gold Bear went out for a few years (Gold Bears are classy) and had a baby, and somehow it came out a bunny…you’d have these things.

Now taste… I tried the “Tropical Treat” variety and the “Berry Patch”.

Tropical Treat includes: Mango-Peach, Tropical Punch & Orange. I’d individually comment on the flavors but really…I can’t tell that much of a difference. Basically they taste like fruit juice and are pretty good, but they don’t really have strong self esteem, they work better as a group. Let’s not kid ourselves, there aren’t a ton in the pack and you’re gonna eat them all at once anyway. Berry Patch is similar…just more of an overall berry juice flavor from the Strawberry, Cherry & Raspberry flavors.

So expensive yes, they taste like real fruit juice and are a little on the squishy side. But the silver lining here is that they are organic, aren’t made with stuff that was made in a laboratory and are very addictive. My two boxes quickly became 2 packets.

Put it this way, if you place a bunch of bets on Sunday and you win…a lot… maybe pick up a box and give them to your kids if they didn’t bug you during the game.




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  1. Jonny

    Dear “guest writer” : your cheeseheads may have pulled it out, but…I don’t really care. I gotta admit, I only repped the Steelers since I’m from PA. I could care less. Baseball, baby, BASEBALL! Giants reign supreme.

  2. Josh

    Dear Editor “Bwahahaha!”

  3. matty

    Awesome review. Totally agree too. I had these last week for some reason and they are best as a group – no solos please. The fact that you did the math on price is priceless.

  4. greebs

    Excellent review! I most appreciated the imagery of a Haribo gummy bear on Xanax getting a Shiatsu … followed by the Haribo Gold Bear dating for a few years before pro-creating because they “are classy.” Good to know!


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