Good & Fruity are BACK! …And these ‘aint yo momma’s Good & Fruity! Seriously, though. They’re not.


Reviewed by Jonny


August 1, 2008

Since the dawn of time, or at least since @ 1975 when I was aware of candy, Good & Plenty and God & Fruity were movie house staples. Of course, Good & Plenty are the licorice candies, and Good & Fruity were a fruity concoction. This all changed around 1992 when Good & Fruity were discontinued.
Recently, an online poll was signed by thousands of Good & Fruity fans, asking to bring back the classic candy, and they did! Now we just need to get a petition going for Wacky Wafers! Anyhow, Good & Fruity are back, and they’re different.
Previously, G&F all had the same center with different flavored candy coatings. Now they inside flavors are unique to the color, giving them a way more evolved taste. And speaking of colors-I have no idea what the blue USED to be, but now it’s the ever present “blue raspberry”. They really resemble in consistency and flavor jelly beans-but somehow different.
I was expecting these to taste similar to Mike & Ike’s-but they don’t, at all. The closest flavor comparison I can draw is to Jelly Bellies. They’re like tangy Jelly Bellies-not as sour as the sours (which I LOVE), but tangier than many of the normal flavors.
I went ahead and threw the box in the fridge after I bought them, cause I’m crazy and that’s how I do. The cool thing was that, since the pieces are so small, the fridge didn’t make them to firm, it just gave them a slightly firmer consistency. That was my first pleasant surprise. Next came the flavor-bright, discernible from each other, yummy. I only intended to eat a few, but I kept going back to the box for another handful.
It’s been a long time, friends, but I’m extremely happy to report that Good & Fruity are back and better than ever. I definitely recommend these, as well as their old school licorice counterparts, Good & Plenty.

Bottom Line:

These rock. Whether you liked them before, didn’t like them, or never tried them, they’re different now and better than ever.




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  1. Charlotte Mercer

    I agree with the 2 comments above, the original G & Fs were better. The orange in the new G & Fs taste like the orange baby aspirins from the 70’s. The other flavors aren’t as good, either. Oh well, I settle for Mike & Ike’s now which aren’t bad.

  2. Tricia basler

    I agree won’t the above comment. The original G and F were better than the new version!!!!!

  3. Derek B Jennings

    I;m 47 and I loved the original formula of G&F, I hated when it changed and I still hate this latest formula. I miss the hard center and the candy coating that broke off in pieces when you sucked on them. I was my favorite by far. In college I bought them five at a time. Now their gone for ever. :(. Thanks for the write up about them


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