Go Organic Fruit Chews

Is it possible that these little lovelies taste as good as they look?

Reviewed by Jonny

June 7, 2016

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Go Organic makes some pretty easy to find hard candies, like these blood orange fellas:


Being completely honest though, I don’t like these.  They just don’t have enough flavor, they don’t bite at all like a blood orange should, so…they’re not my favorite.  But that doesn’t matter, because that’s not what we’re reviewing today.  We’re taking a look at their fruit chews:


Man, everyone’s gotta make fruit chews, right?  That concept used to feel very stale to me, because after you’re at Starburst, where else is there to go?  And generally speaking, mass produced chews are mediocre.  However, my opinion got swayed a bit when I tried Torie & Howard’s  Fruit Chews.  I didn’t realize it a the time, but one of the benefits of being organic is that candy has real stuff in it (duh), and thus ages much quicker.  This creates a tough fruit chew over time, which is my thing-and it really should be your thing too.  So when I saw this bag from Go Organic, while I wasn’t frothing at the mouth, I wasn’t as skeptical as I usually am either.


I can’t say enough how much I love this individual packaging.  The old school taffy look with the mint green tint is just perfect.  10/10 on packaging.

There’s 4 flavors in the bag, but again, since they’re naturally colored, dumb ‘ol me thought there was only 3 as a few flavors have similar colors.  So…just pretend there’s four.



So far, so good.


We’re looking at, from left to right, sour apple, lemon, and then either strawberry or raspberry.  First, the pull test:


VERY interesting.  As you can see, the berry flavored one and the lemon were pretty soft.  But the sour apple was WAY tougher-it stretched half as far, and even doing that was difficult.  I like that!  Again, to me, that means that different natural ingredients affect texture differently.




First, I’d recommend y’all calm down, and just take a breath.  No need to get huffy.  I’m here to say that these taste damn good.  I really appreciated the authentic fruit flavors mixed with the fun texture.  The sour apple lends more tartness than the others, which makes for a nice mix.


I dig these, I’ll buy them again.  Yay organic, yay yummy candy, yay cool ass packaging.  Just a big yay, really.

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