Gimbals Sour Lovers Mix – Welcome to my world.

Gimbals is all about the love. First came the “Cherry Lovers” mix (not my thing), then the “Honey Lovers” mix. Definitely not my thing. But now? Let’s welcome the new kid, “Sour Lovers” mix:

The fine folks at Gimbals sent us some of these to try out. Now, …you know us here at Candy Gurus. We’re all ABOUT getting free candy, but we’re also brutally honest. If we weren’t, you wouldn’t still be reading, would you? It’s always a sketchy proposition when a nice company has some nice employees send us some crappy candy. It’s just tough to slam something that good people are behind, but it really is our “mission” to weed out the quality eats from the shite. As I opened this colorful bag, I was wondering if this too would be a disappointment.

Let’s end the suspense : Not a disappointment. These are good. In fact, these are unique, different, tasty, and…pretty darn great. Let’s start with what exactly they are. They’re not gummies, nor do they claim to be. In fact, Gimbals doesn’t really specify what they are, simply that they’re sour. I liken them to the inside of a jelly bean, but a bit stickier. If this grosses you out (like it does Mrs. Guru), settle down. Yes, they’re sticky-if you have a toothstick issue, these probably won’t work for you. But let me stress this : they’re NOT so sticky that you can’t get them off your teeth. No, these are just a soft, chewy, sticky…jelly bean type feel that quickly disintegrates off of your teeth, settling down for eternal sleep in your gullet.

This kind of “chew” usually isn’t my bag, but I really like these. However, that’s probably because of the flavors. Made with real fruit juice, the flavors on these bad boys are outstanding:

Pomegranate, Fuji Apple, Grapefruit, Watermelon, Meyer Lemon, Tangerine, Baja Margarita, Sour Blueberry, Mango, Bing Cherry, Strawberry Daiquiri and Georgia Peach.

The thing I really like about them is that they do capture the flavor they’re going for very well, but also that the sour power isn’t just a dusting of citric acid on the surface- they’re sour down to the core. It goes like this : suck, enjoy, keep sucking, resist biting, then bite, chew, enjoy. Grab another.

I think Gimbals did a fine job with these, and I’ll be purchasing them myself from time to time going forward. They’re especially tasty when mixing with other not-as-sour gummies. Then these really “pop”.

For some reason I can only find these sold in units of 6 or more. If you can handle that amount, get ’em here. If not, stay tuned to your local pharmacy/grocery store…




3 thoughts on “Gimbals Sour Lovers Mix – Welcome to my world.

  1. wow, those flavors sound great. i just made a “discovery” on stumble! (best toolbar button ever, only one i use), your site. i cant believe nobody did before.

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