Gimbal’s Cherry Lover’s – Nine Cherry Favorites

These are well made, heart shaped Jelly Beanish chews in 9 distinct cherry flavors. I kind of dig them,. And as touted, I can really taste the cherry juice - and they are very juicy.

Reviewed by Scotty


April 11, 2010


Thanks to the good people at Gimbals for sending us three different candies. More reviews to come but here we have Gimbal’s Cherry Lover’s – Nine Cherry Favorites.

First off, Jonny gave me a bag of these Cherry Lover’s – Nine Cherry Favorites, Lavaballs and Gourmet Jelly Beans – all made by Gimbals. They sat untouched for about 2 months – just didn’t look very appealing. They all seemed to be in cheapish looking plastic bags that reminded me of what you might find in most movie theaters. Late night a couple of days ago I needed something new so I broke these out. The bag is not as cheap as I had thought – thicker plastic than the movie theater fair. The text and images are bright and vivid and a bit interesting. There is a description of each of the nine flavors with pictures of each. Pretty good start for something I was prepared to be disappointed with. I opened the bag and scooped out about a dozen of these and again found myself pleasantly surprised. I love being surprised like this.

Here’s the scoop. These are well made, heart shaped Jelly Beanish chews in 9 distinct cherry flavors. I kind of dig them,. And as touted, I can really taste the cherry juice – and they are very juicy. The flavors burst through but I wish they tasted a bit less like sugar. They aren’t super sweet like sweet tarts or other dextrose rich candies but I just like the cherry juice flavor so much that I feel that they would be better if the cherry juice was higher up on the ingredient list. Cherry juice is fifth on that list behind sugar, corn syrup, food starch and modified dextrose. They do boast being high in antioxidant Vitamin C but I’m always skeptical about that claim in candy. Would an orange slice and a couple of Acai berrys in a cup of High Fructose Corn Syrup be considered high in antioxidant Vitamin C? The bag says that I can “feel good about every delicious bite” but the more I eat the fatter I feel and I ate a bunch – the whole bag in about 3 sittings. Its the type of candy that you can easily eat too much before you realize it.

As I began my journey through the nine flavors I found myself a little amazed at each new flavor – how distinct and flavorful each one was.  My favorite is the Chocolate Cherry (the only one my wife liked – she loved it) but I like them all. The Bing Cherry, Black Cherry and Cherry Cola are spot on but they all have a certain appeal for me and I really like their individuality, which I think is quite an achievement for an assortment of nine flavors all having cherry as the headline. The cherry flavor reminds me of my childhood. My grandma used to always have a bowl of adult type candies – hard candy with a soft inside wrapped in plastic – in a pink glass bowl. I used to think that grandma didn’t know squat about candy – where was the overly sweet, high distribution candies that all kids my age loved. But as the Candygurus continue delving deeper into the candy world, I regularly realize that she actually had pretty good taste.

I’ll list the flavors here in order of my preference:

  1. Chocolate Cherry
  2. Black Cherry
  3. Cherry Cola
  4. Bing Cherry
  5. Wild Cherry
  6. Cherry Vanilla
  7. Cherry Cheesecake
  8. Cherry Daiquiri
  9. Kiwi Cherry

Give these a try. I really think you’ll like them. I might break into the Jelly Beans tonight.

Gimbals was founded by Alexander Gimbal in 1898 in San Francisco. They are currently housed in South San Francisco but continue to carry on the tradition of quality and remain passionate about creating delectable treats. I would definitely buy these again and you can buy these here. It seems that they only come in a larger bag so I’ll wait till I’m ready to share.

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  1. Matty

    I liked these too. At first I thought the chocolate cherry was my least favorite but it moved up the charts. I find that all of these Gimbal’s candies are good. Love the local (at least to us…) slant.


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