Giga Spam

It's possible these are genius, or severely misguided.

Reviewed by Jonny

May 24, 2016


This one I just don’t get it.  Made in Sweden, may I present to you fine people, Giga Spam.


Note the “@” in the word spam.  More on that later.  For now though, we can tell that these are “super sour”, and that they look like some sort of larvae or bacteria, or prawn ancestor


The deal with these is that they’re sour-VERY sour.  And then, pretty much immediately, the sour wears off, and you’re left with a slightly more firm Lemonhead type of candy.  At that point they’re fine, but….the allure is the first part, because the sour is wonderful.  While it’s very sour, it’s not offensive.  Once the sour is gone, you’re crunching a not so flavorful chunk of sugar

The bigger issue is the braintrust behind the marketing of this candy.  Because it’s not just these that I’m a bit flummoxed about-it’s their other 3 offerings as well:


Giga Virus (salty blueberry)

Giga Joystick (salty licorice)

Giga CD (salty caramel licorice)


While all three of these other candies sound delicious to me, I’d much prefer to focus on the misguided “techie” inspiration for the names.  It’s funnier.

From what I can surmise, ACT, the company that makes these, feels that spam, CD, virus and the joystick encapsulate the digital era we’re living in.  Doesn’t it feel a bit 1998 to you guys?  Joystick?  CD? Part of me wants to give these guys a big hug, just because they’re quirky and sadly behind the times.  But the other part of me wants to check the expiration date on these bad boys to see if I’m eating something older than my son.


Thankfully, we know these can’t be old, as I got these from, and for some reason, they like to sell only fresh candy. Well, that’s not entirely true: they will sell candies nearing expiration, but they’re very clearly notated on the site.  So there’s still a chance I can pick up some petrified Haribo one of these days, yeah!


In any case, you might want to check some of the “Giga” varieties out, so click the link below.  But be sure to get your iPod 32GB loaded up with Nickleback & Ashanti (maybe throw some Nelly in there) and do it up right!


With a joystick!


Because joysticks control computers!

Zolli Candy


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