Gelee Blend: Double Flavor Jelly Candies

sometimes all fruit jellies aren't good fruit jellies.

Reviewed by Jonny

July 31, 2016

Candy You Ate As A Kid

I love fruit jellies, and everyone knows it.  Nothing new to report there.  It seems like every one I sample gets addedto my list of favorite candies.  That is…until this one.


Made in Greece, these things are a bit unique as they each have two distinct flavors per piece.  Also, they’re pretty damn gorgeous looking.


Even better when unwrapped:


So “what’s your beef”? You might be asking.  Or, conversely, you might be saying “Where’s the beef?”, in which case I’d kindly point you back to 1985 and carry on.
My issue is with the overall flavor.  They all have a cream-like thing happening, which I just don’t dig.  The flavors, as I can best surmise are:






What’s missing here is a level of extreme fruitiness.  Instead, we get a bit of a muted, creamy experience, and…I just didn’t like them.  In the looks department, they get a 9.  Taste though? 4.


But they’re Kosher, so if that’s of any import to you, have at ’em!

Zolli Candy


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