Fox’s Glacier Dark Are Amazing Yet Not Comfy

Reviewed by Jonny

October 23, 2009


Check out Scotty’s review of these bad boys, then look at the pretty pictures!




Zolli Candy

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  1. Kinglime

    A 6 is way too low for this monumentally awesome monolith of a sweet (as us Brits would say in favour of ‘candy’)

    Too big? Half an hour of sucking time? Far be it from me to doubt the efficacy of your saliva at dissolving sugar oh Candy Guru, but I’ve almost finished mine and it’s going to clock in at about 8 minutes. That’s 8 quality minutes of aniseed pleasure my friend, oh how I wish it lasted 30!

    Finally I’d just like to add to your review that if you’re a Brit and you love Black Jacks but don’t don’t care for the way they stick to your teeth then this little nugget of edible black gold is going to make you very happy.


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