E-ma Apple Ginger Pearls of Goodness and Sunshine

I had never had apple and ginger as a candy combination before. Now? I never want to not have it.

Reviewed by Jonny

August 9, 2012

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Buying Asian candy for me is a bit like playing Russian Roulette.  I literally have no idea whether I’m getting something sour, hard, chewy, chocolate…it’s a total mystery, save for the pictures on the bag.  Recently I was given a bag of these by a friend at work- and again, I had no idea what to expect.



I couldn’t even see-at first-that there was an apple in the background.  But hey, I live dangerously, so I ate away.  Despite looking like astronaut food, I jumped in.



WOW.  Talk about a new taste sensation!  Seriously…talk about it.  Now listen to this: these are outstanding.  The entire experience was unique, and came in layers.  So let me break it down for ya.


First, you get a pretty non descriptor sweet, hard shell candy kind of thing going.  A little ginger creeps in, pretty mild.
Then, the apple comes into play.  And the more you suck, the more sour apple you taste- until it overcomes the ginger.


Like a roller coaster, yo!


Then, comes the unique Asian touch that I’ve come to love so much- if you bite on it, it breaks down to a chewy, slight gummie-with-a-shell finish.


Again: wow.


You’re gonna have to work for this one though.  For those of us in the Bay Area, you can head to Genki Crepery & mini Mart, one of my favorite places for candy, period.  For those who don’t live among the hippies, it’s gonna be a bit tougher.  Napa Japan apparently has had them in the past, but is out of stock right now.


Nothing worth getting is easy, right?  I think Steven Spielberg said it best in the beginning of Saving Private Ryan when the old man at the graveyard says “Earn This!”.  Or maybe Tom Hanks says it later.  Someone says it.


So you gotta earn these candies, but the good news is, they’re worth it.  Apple, ginger, sour, chewy.  Delightful.


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  1. cybele

    You might want to try the Ginger People chews – they have a version that’s Ginger Apple, it’s quite good. (I prefer the coffee one though, if I’m gong to go for a flavor combo.) It’s a different texture from the e-ma though.

    • Matty

      “Ginger people” is what British folks call redheads. #jussayin


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