Dorval Sour Power Straws Mango

The industry sour standard rolls out a new flavor: and they do it right

Reviewed by Jonny

June 27, 2019


I’m not saying we’re super badass-but what I AM saying is that your favorite Candygurus are the first people to get their hands on the newest flavor in the iconic Sour Power Straws line. The…stalwart, if you will, of the sour gummy world. Old reliable. They’ve got a new flavor-let’s jump in. We always appreciate GMO free, and hey, if a candy can be vegetarian and not lose taste or consistency, we’re all for that too. So far, so good. Thankfully we’re speaking a shared language here: we’ve all seen sour straws before, and these stick to the same size and style. As you can see, they’re much closer in color to real mango: they’re not neon or anything. I went in for the smell test, and I have to say, I was bit put off at first. I couldn’t really tell what I was smelling, but then a mild mango wave came in. Could be the plastic packaging, could be me, could be anything. But then I took a bite. Holy. Mango. Heaven.   I eat a LOT of mango. Like, on a daily basis. If it’s not fresh, it’s Trader Joe’s unsweetened dried mango or Costco frozen chunks of mango. Gotta have mango. And I’m here to say these taste spot on like real mango. The depth, the fruity gaminess, the floral aspect to them: everything that goes into making the complicated flavor profile of mangos is in here. And they’re glorious. Also, I haven’t mentioned it yet, but of course, they’re sour! Somehow riding the line above tart but below mouth puckering, this just crushes it. They’re absolutely delicious, and I’m pretty sure my new favorite flavor of Sour Power Straws. The great thing is that, if you like SP Straws, you ARE going to like these unless you have horrible taste in fruit. And you don’t, do you? You have GREAT taste in fruit.   Who doesn’t like fruit?   Like we stated before, these are vegetarian, GMO free, and pretty allergen tolerant: the only included one is wheat. So I’m here to say that y’al need to seek these out. A pack of 24 on Amazon is overkill? NO IT’S NOT. You’ll have gone through it in a week. Trust me.  


Zolli Candy

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  1. Matty

    Yum. Dorval is YOUR-VAL!


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